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general information;

Erica Martins.

Erica Martins (Original Character) Blue_blonde_by_ingridochoa-d5rskfp

also know as...


born on -

20th September 1999, will be Seventeen!

her Gender, Alignment, Species, Occupation:

Female, Neutrally Good, Human, Student.

what she looks like...

Petite at five feet flat, lean subtly curvy, pale complexioned so much so she sunburns very easily so usually has loads of sun block on and or a wide brimmed hat on her usually kept end of her shoulders or grown half way down her back blond hair usually worn down but occasionally in a pony tail or up for special occasions, large bright blue eyes.

what she is like...

Little quirky and nerdy, but sweet and friendly, caring and compassionate, and seemingly a little bit of a goofball and playful Erica has a bright mind and is absolutely passionate about dancing and singing - does not care if she is in the middle on a train or crowded shop, when her favorites song (and there are many!) come on she has to sing or bop alone -  even if inappropriate at times! And often sprouts off her own lyrics at odd moments.

She can be very mischievous and sometimes get into all sorts of shenanigans!

Refuses to simply see people as they, their actions, they way they treat herself, her family, children, elderly... that's what makes her truly enjoy a persons company. Is almost Painfully shy when meeting new people, will pretend not to be when performing or being introduced to new clients, but is not entirely comfortable with the idea of meeting new beings, mutant, alien or otherwise. And a lot of her own personality has been squashed under a lot of fear and her current acceptance of being a slave.

the little things she enjoys -

Apples and Apple related things.

Babies and animals.

Being Independent. Well at first, her captivity at first was hard, now she accepts lose of her autonomy.

Chocolate. But has a certain weakness for Turkish Delight.

Enjoys a wide variety of music, except rap- and especially something she can groove too.

... good at...

Great at Dancing. Even Capoeira, a fighting style as much as dance and intrigued Erica enough to study and practice it. Has had some success competitively, but as she is naturally passive at heart pursuing it as a competitive sport was not her passion.

Excellent singing voice.

Has the technologically bestowed gift to shapeshift, and is rather talented at it.

And thanks to her adventurous family has learned some French, Japanese and Elvish (tolkien nerds), Italian thanks to her grandmother, Gran Gran. It fairly good at learning new languages. Has picked up most of the trade common tongue but some alien speech is beyond her human tongue without the aid of a translator, which Samilin has not felt the need to give her.




Naturally adventurous and bright or had been, this side of herself at the moment squashed by her situation. Where before had been curiosity now was mostly wariness of meeting new aliens... or repeat clients.

the little things she does not enjoy as much....

Rap music.

Dislikes using public loos, and especially loathes being spoken to whilst in the loo and or speaking to people on the loo!

Phobic of clowns! Almost over came it at fourteen but it backfired in the end and just made it worse!

less than good at...

Really lousy impulse control at times and does not always think things through entirely.

When feeling awkward or embarrassed tends to make things worse as she becomes a veritable chatterbox who puts her foot in her mouth at every conceivable opportunity.

Her voice gets really high pitched and squeaky when she gets upset, sometimes to the point when her words become gibberish.

Despite being exceptional good at dancing when it comes to sports Erica becomes uncoordinated to the point where she can be a danger to herself, others and equipment whilst in play.

And because of that does not like sports too much.

Has terrible night terrors - but goes through them silently now.

Family, Friends and History:

Mrs Trixie Martins (nee Threadgoode, Mother)
Mr Hank Martins (Father)
Gran Gran - Ida Threadgoode (Materal Grand Mother)

Currently Owned by Vanarx alien: Samilin-Corrath-Gahar

Erica Martins (Original Character) Visser10

Erica lives in the three bedroom corner apartment above a small cafe that her primary caregiver and maternal grandmother 'Gran Gran' and helps out a little bit in the afternoon after school with the family run dance studio 'FAD' Fitness and Dance studios.

It's a new investment, pry to settling in New York the family traveled a lot, due to Trixie and Hank being competitive ballroom dancers. Ida herself had been with now deceased husband - and in the times of their travels to places she was main choreographer, and costume designer. Erica even performed some of the songs in competitions world wide her parents danced to. Their almost nomadic life style previously may have meant things like trophies they earned and other possession were either small or only remembered in photos but Erica immensely loved those days of going some where new. Throughout her life having traveled to to Australia, the Polynesian and Indonesian Islands, Asia, India, Europe, Middle Eastern and Africa... With her family studying many styles of dance and music and song and learning, living each new culture and way of life. Up through South America and even been up to Canada. In fact the only places she and her traveling family have not yet tried was The two frozen poles of the world.

Her world traveled soul is still getting used to being in the new home of New York, the noise and bustle of the city. The traffic. But she does like it.

Their collective prized possession the photographs and the little bits of jewelry and arts collected here and there.

The studio and apartment are in a busy active down town part of Manhattan, New York and though there is a lot of gang activity they themselves have had little to no trouble with them so far going unnoticed and thus staying out of trouble. Erica, having little desire to be in partnered dances does not mind tutoring and eagerly participates in the classes. Since moving to New York a year ago She has done some small local productions through school plays and self sought places in auditions.

She looks forward to getting into New York University chasing higher education of performance arts, one day winning a national titles.

(( for space related rp: ))

Well, looked forward to that eventuality - until one night, right off the streets of New York like some The X Files episode  at fourteen years old Erica was abducted by an slave trading race of aliens known as the Skirt Na - however captivity with them was brief lasting til the next galaxy over before the ship had been space pirated but a much sleeker almost pod shaped ship with an up swept 'tail'. Her new captor, Samilin-Corrath-Gahar knew of some of the value human slaves have, both as classified food trade and or sexual. He decided the later was best for Erica.

The Skirt Na to a frightened human teen looked like the classic human descriptions of aliens, small beings with great round heads and large large black eyes. The Vanarx however, best described as centaur like with their lower body similar to that of a horse or powerfully limbed deer like elk and a torso similar to that of a human. Erica has come to learn Samilin like most males' of his species are not only distinguished by the larger size and tail blade length from the females but also by the various shades of blue fur and the females' more delicately limbed, smaller bladed and sporting shades of purple fur, No one individual has the same exact shade of color. Their arms, somewhat weak in comparison to that of a human's, end in seven-fingered hands, which, while weaker, are nimbler as well. The head of an Vanarx has a set of 'secondary' and usually green in males, blue in females almond-shaped eyes, as well as a pair of primary stalk-eyes  that extend from the top of their heads that endow them with 360-degree vision and all members even infants have a scythe-like blade on their long whip-like tails, though females are smaller, and infants usually covered in a furry sheath until a few days after birth where it falls off. This bladed tail is long enough to reach well in front of the Vanarx to strike deep blows in an opponent. And of course is an important symbol in the warrior like culture, and is frequently referenced to in sayings and rituals, so important, an Vanarx would rather die than live on without it.

Strength is valued, a wealthy Vanarx is one whom has been undefeated, and his harem of females, slaves of other races, and whatever goods will be impressively large. Being more of a trinket, goods, knowledge and curiosity obtain-er, and seller Samilin's trove of treasures is extensive, his own harem of Vanarx females left on the home planet as he is often traveling the cosmos.

It was not long after the first sex with himself Erica would begin her life as a curiosity and play thing. Having since endured many encounters of aliens whom rent her services from Samilin as for most races a human is a percersion, but one many would like to indulge in, some have a fetish for it, some just... to try something new, a few encounters were non to descriptive or memorable or terrible, but some encounters have left her with horrific nightmares, of which at first used to make her wake screaming - but displeasure of Samilin's at this soon taught her to endure these fits of shaking and sobbing in near silence. She no longer hopes for freedom or a return home. Samilin had almost killed the little human the first time and so he had bestowed upon her a bit of bio-technological process created by the his own race, its power made transferable via a small, blue cube called the Escafil. Making Erica a morph-capable being capable of 'acquiring' the DNA of any animal, alien or anything organic with DNA allowing her to physically 'shapeshift' into that being at will using a cascading cellular regeneration, combined with a variant on Z-space technology, in order to make the transformation. It typically takes about two minutes to morph, though, this varies depending on the user's focus. If one stays in morph longer than two earth hours, time varies in different planets and galaxies. Of course he has lied to her about the extent of the ability of this and it is only used by Erica sometimes as a form of advertisement when she dances to attract buyers and as a way to heal herself from some of the less that safe encounters of clients, this way his prized commodity wont scar or become disfigured as any damage or injury sustained while in the morph will be healed, as the body is based purely on the DNA, and Erica can heal her human self by shifting to and from forms. It is also a way of denying the possibility of hybrids happening from her uses with clients and Samilin himself.

A natural dancer Erica proved to be quiet the 'estreen' with the gift, which is one naturally talented at the shifting, changing at an accelerated rate, control instincts better, and also control the normally chaotic process of morphing itself, making it a dance almost, and beautiful to behold.
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