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Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:55 am

(( from here : ))

Ida: Always the first up - may have sneaked to granddaughters room to peak in - could not make out much with the big turtle mans shell facing the door, but with a giggle she moves away to hurry off and pee then wash hands before heading to kitchen to cook a good breakfast... Hungry teens and all should be stirring soon.

Leo awoke early the next morning. He wasn't exactly sure what time it was. It was barely light - that's all he knew. For a few moments, he couldn't remember where he was. He definitely wasn't in his own bed. And then his eyes fell on the one he was in bed with and the memories came flooding back to him. It was so surreal that he actually was with this beautiful girl. And they made love to one another until who knows what time of night. Leo had lost track. Not that it mattered. Leo smiled and watched Erica sleep for a few minutes before a need had to be addressed in the way of his bladder. He carefully detangled himself from Erica and the blankets and slowly got out of bed so he didn't disturb her. Then he slipped out of the room and went to find the bathroom.

wriggling into the space left by Leo mumbling something - sex coma sleeping on smiling.

Ida: Spying movement Ida pretends she had not been keeping an eye out and calls out her attention on the fry pan "toilet is last door on right Leonardo."

Leo froze at the sound of the grandmother's voice then gave an uneasy grin in the direction of her voice. "Thank you." Then he found the room and entered, shutting the door behind him to do his business in private.

Ida: checking the bacon strips she turns then before heading to bathroom door, well toilet the little loo was separate to the actual bathroom next door to it - "I don't know if the loo roll needs more - oh!!! Sorry your in already! My bad," she was telling meandering down the hall to the toilet - back pedaling quick - though she certainly wasn't blind "uh there's spares behind the window curtain." She makes her way back to kitchen pausing to slip into Ericas room and - best way to wake her truly pulls the blankets to the foot of the bed. heading back to kitchen after to turn bacon again and prepare red pepper toad in the holes

"mmmughbv." Erica grumbles in a whisper - sleep wriggling.

Leo was in mid-stream when the door opened, and in his surprise, he nearly overshot the toilet. There was no time to cover himself before she saw him. Although he didn't really move much because he didn't see the point. She already got a 'show' and all that was left was to finish and get out of there. Which he did quickly then lowered the lid and washed his hands after flushing. He was blushing like crazy when he left that bathroom and tried to compose himself before he entered the kitchen. "It smells good in here."

Ida: She was flipping the pepper egg filled rings when the young man joined her and winks over her shoulder, "it should taste even better -" she finally served him a larger plate gesturing for him to sit at the counter by placing the plate of bacon strips and egg filled pepper rings - "tea? Coffee?" Dishing her plate up - Then Erica's.

Poooout - blinking reluctantly half awake - oh there was the blankets! Mmmm she had just wriggled onto the pillow Leo must have used - it smelled like him and snuggling it as brain slowly thawed out from sleep she recalled the night like a movie - her body felt wonderfully stiff and sore definitely confirming as much as the scent on the snuggly pillow the love and love making had not been just hormonal driven dreaming.

Leo accepted his plate and headed over to where she showed him. "Thanks." Then he sat down and answered her question. "Tea, please?" He would wait to dig in until everyone was at the table. He was trying to be on his best behavior in front of the old woman.

Ida: "coming up -" Ida fills three cup - one her own tea, Ericas preferred sweet blond coffee and "uh how do you want it dear?" She asks noting he had not started yet and smothering a chuckle, waiting for an answer she pulls a few cold packs from the above fridge cupboard squeezing them to get them to go cold. "Eat up - a good breakfast is always welcomed after - well long nights." Yeah she was not going to pretend she didnt know.

mmm it took a bit of wriggling to convince her achy ... Legs, belly and nether areas that the bladder call needed answering - and pull on her smiley pjs to shuffle off to the loo

Leo sat there patiently but he blushed a little when Ida said the breakfast would help for after those long nights. He really hoped they didn't keep her up. He was really trying to stay quiet. But the thing that surprised Leo more than anything was that she seemed to be okay with it - with everything. With...him. This was indeed a first for Leonardo. "Yes...thank you." Then he remembered she asked him a question about the tea. "Well, herbal would be great - if you have it." He gave her a smile in appreciation then slowly dug into his breakfast.

Ida: "I do have, lemon if that's alright," she leaves the large tea bag in the cup for him to choose how strong he wanted it placing the mug down near his plate chuckling at his look, "don't worry I heard nothing slept like a log, I just kinda guessed." She shrugs assuming that was what was making his green cheeks blush and moving around the bench to place the cool packs under the cushion of the stool next to him - heading back around the smooth white marbling to retrieve Ericas plate and coffee placing them down. "I'm a strong and sweet tea lady - Erica prefers coffee. "She chatters welcoming and encouraging him to chatter as they wait for Erica and she joins him on his other side to eat.

shuffling along Erica saw Leo's shell and makes her way over , stretching, kissing both on thecheek. "G'morn... GranGran, Leo." A yawned greeting sniffing her way to the bench and sitting, feeling a coolness, with a long pleased very low moaaaan - ooooh yeah!

"That's great," he told the woman then saw Erica enter the kitchen. He smiled at her then made a little more room for her to sit down next to him. "Good morning."

oooh his smile! Erica grinned back though it broke with a stretch and groan, "it definitely is a good morning," a wink to him sniffing appreciatively at the food - her pepper and egg not as cook so she could poke her egg yolk with bacon and munch it - watching him - and she thought perving under her dim lamp light was good!

Ida: A grin he was caught between them now and Ida leant forward a grin in place, "soooo when did you two meet?" Casual question first - work her way up

Leo paused at Ida's question, glancing at Erica before answering. "Uh...well...last night." Yeah, he knew it was fast with him already sleeping with Erica and probably Master Splinter would frown on that. He would deal with that later. Slowly, Leo bowed his head again in addressing the older woman. "You have a lovely granddaughter, Grandmother Ida."

Gasping on her tea Ida splutters then giggles madly wiping her chin. "Well the Martins women do move fast when they want it - but Bomb... In one night?" There was no anger - a whole lot of amusement rubbing the bald head of the young man. "Dawww i have always thought so yes, thank you, you have family? And I saw what he's packing guessing the I e packs are good?" Directing that at Erica.

Smothering a giggle of her own Erica cast her Gran a look and swallowed her last but of bacon goodness winking at Leo's glance. "Oh please since when has being a horny woman a crime in this family-" though a choke of her own and sniggers, "oh Leo I'm sorry she walked in on you huh? Don't worry she did the same to dad long ago... And their great thanks Gran."

If Leo was eating at that moment, he probably would've spewed it all over his new friends. Instead, he blushed madly, glancing at both women. "Uhhh...yeah." Gah, he couldn't stop blushing! Leo cleared his throat before taking another bite, swallowing it before speaking again. "Sorry - maybe I should've locked the door?" he asked lamely. One thing was for certain. Leo was good at embarrassing himself this morning.

Erica shook her head - "don't be embarrassed Gran just a nosey git - " she apologized kissing his cheek poor handsome turtle on his cheek. A wink. A crash course in her no boundaries embarrassing family !

Ida: "no need to apologized dear she's right I was being nosey - but yes licks are good. And dammmmn what a way to go - both yours first time?" She wonders yep no shame -

Leo continued to blush, but he took their words to heart and just let things go. He was there so he would just have to answer these very embarrassing questions the best he could. He nodded slowly. "Yes. It was. But I was being careful with her."

Ida: "ah - well You's are old to decide - and had fun yeah?" She teases cleaning up her plate putting the young ones to shame "annnnd so is this a one time thing? Or sex buddies? Or -" she prods them totally unabashed.

Giggling some more and offering Leo the last of her bacon not a huge meat eater Erica smiles, "it was wonderful Gran we're happy with it -" she grins at Leo here yes side and stuff and achy she was she had no regrets. "I... Definitely not a one time or just sex buddies." She smiles - maybe blushing a little herself now

Leo gratefully accepted the extra bacon and smiled warmly at her before glancing at the older woman again. "We're lovers," he answered simply before resuming eating.

"dawww - " she squeees sipping her tea, "that's good - well doubt Hank or Tricie would disapprove - I don't." She says cheerfully. "You have family Leonardo - what would they think?"

"Beloved." Erica whispers Sneaking the last bit of his pepper, not the egg, smiling at her Gran with an agreeing nod yeah she didn't think her folks would be disapproving either, maybe shocked and might be a little freaked out but not disapproving.

Leo swallowed again, smiling at the compliment. "I have three brothers. I'm sure they would love teasing me," he said, rolling his eyes in amusement before his expression darkened somewhat. "And my father. I'm sure I'll have some words coming my way once I tell him."

"Really? Why?" She was curious. "He could come meet us." She adds thinking it might be to do with the turtle thing. "He raised such sweet boy - you telling me - uh Mikey will tease you? Brothers - he sure seemed such a polite fellow." She beams.

A giggle and Erica kisses his cheek under the ear hole whispering, "your brothers will just be jelling."

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Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:58 am

Leo couldn't help but blush at Ida's compliment. Then his eyes widened at the mention of one of his brothers' names. "You know Mikey? How?" He was extremely curious to know if Ida had met the rest of his family (brothers at least) without his knowledge. It also explained why she wasn't afraid of him. Leo smiled at Erica and nodded, knowing she was right. Yeah. I know they will."

"Well not really met him, just a brief run in over the purse snatching incident, he was highly amused when I whacked the thugs with my bag after he gave it back to me - at the time I could not see a lot of him but swore black and blue I saw shell and green, and he was very friendly." She explains between sips of tea.

A grin back - though she looked a little troubled by the thought, "It wouldn't really be any... trouble would it?" She wondered hoping not - giggling at Ida's wording and finished with her plate finally sips her sweet pale coffee with a long happy sigh.

Leo smiled at the description of Ida's savior. "Yeah, that definitely sounds like Mikey." He shook his head in light amusement then went back to his breakfast. He swallowed another bite before answering Erica. "I don't think so. It wouldn't be the first time," he said with a shrug before loading up his fork with egg again.

"Never took rumors from other folk that there was good heroes in the shadows until that night - but hah know better now." The older woman had finished her tea and was stacking the cup and her fork onto her empty plate. "Well as lovers you two don't need to be reminded about safe sex right? -" she says so casually ignoring Erica's splutter into her coffee. "... though do I haaave to say anything about it? as long as no fooling about yous wont give each other anything gross... and is it even possible for accidental pregnancy you think?" She turned the question mostly to the young man - placing her dishes in the sink so neither would she the amused grin.

Erica had been on the point of apologizing in advance for any difficulties it may cause on the home front for him, after an 'awwww' and kiss to his cheek, but mid drink her grandmother again showed her usual tact of blunt honesty and Erica was not sure if she wanted to laugh or be indignant and tell her Gran to hush - so compromised and with a surprised sort of snort choked and spluttered a little on her coffee.

Fortunately for Leo, he wasn't surprised by anything that came out of the old woman's mouth anymore. But, it still caused him to blush. "I really don't think pregnancy will be a problem, and I know I don't have any diseases." He paused to take a sip of his tea before continuing. "But, still I'm being careful." He smiled at Erica and gave her a smooch to her cheek in return.

Smothering her giggling as her spluttering died down Erica grins at Leo giving her head a small shake and roll of eyes indicating her own grandmother and her very frank, blunt way of talking about everything.

"mmmm probably not - too bad we'd not be able to know huh? still glad to hear it." Ida chatters missing Erica's look when she turns back to them and reachs for Erica's empty plate to add to the sink. "that yous will try to be careful - right Erica?" Directing this at her granddaughter sternly.

"Of course GranGran." Erica crosses her heart now only with her coffee to finish, "wouldnt put Leo are risk of anything icky on purpose." She assures - mostly Leo of this. She was enjoying the chatter and company and was not looking forward to the moment Leo had to go - glad to have been disturbed from sleep by no blankets.

Leo was also enjoying the small-talk. Yes, he could tell Ida liked teasing him, but he didn't let it bother him anymore. He might have still blushed occasionally but he didn't try to hide it. Leo had finished his breakfast by now and knew that he would need to be going somewhat soon.

"excellent, thats my girl - you take care of and keep such a polite kind young man. Dont come across them much very often no more." Ida grins moving back to gather the last plates, the two youths could rinse their own cups when finished she gathered moving to wash the dishes and stack them. "You know i thought Erica might have been ... for the ladies - she'd never shown any interest in any of the young men that come here to our dance studio or at her school." She teases hands soapy grinning over her shoulder at the pair. 'Not that that would have been any more a big deal than you being a mutant of course."

"Well you know I try to be environmentally friendly in all aspect of my life.' Erica jokes blushing a little - it was true, Leonardo was so far the only one whom had sparked her interest in 'that' way. Sure those that came to learn in the studio floors below were pleasing to the eyes - and some dance so beautifully. But She had never felt the wish to pursue their interest... With Leo... there had been something and possibly a lot had to admittedly do with her sexual arousal and need at the time, though after the first release there was no way she could have said it was just arousal! "Just needed the right man to interest me." a compliment to him.

Leo grinned at Erica then smiled at Ida. "I felt the same way about your granddaughter. I feel I made the right choice." He gave his lover a small wink and finished his tea.

A giggle at Erica's joke - a mutter of "And here I thought the saying was once you go black you won't turn back?" teasingly, then catching the looks the two sent each other. Awwww it was not just 'lovers' in the physical sense then. "Of course you have" the older gal says fiercely proud - but also amused at the two youngins. "by the looks of it and all that sugary sweetness you both have,' she rinses off the dishes next to leave no soap suds and sacks them up.

"No it's eco friendly green - making all else obscene?" Erica giggles a little catching Leo's grin and her own grew. Feeling her heart pound at his words and wink smooching his lips sharing and mingling the sweet coffee she preferred and his herbal tea and their own flavors. "I know I have." beaming at her grandmothers words, clearly she approved and was happy for them. Though Erica never doubted she would.

Leo grinned even more and even chuckled at the small, cliche sayings. But it really made him feel good that he was accepted by the older woman. Leo knew by now that Ida approved of him and he wouldn't do anything to betray that trust. He also knew that Erica would get him going again if they continued to kiss like that in front of Grandmother Ida. Not that he wouldn't mind another round before he had to go, but only behind closed doors. Ida had seen enough of him for one day - if not the rest of Leo's life. At least she approved of that particular part of himself, too. Even though she didn't see him completely 'out', which Leo was extremely grateful for. That was for Erica's eyes only.

A snort of laughter and reaching over to give their cheeks a light very soft Grandma 'pinch' Ida draws back. "that's the way - if people loved so openly a lot of us would be so much happier." She grins and backs up heading to the stairs that lead up to the rooftop. "I am off to garden then go work, if I no see you on the way out Leonardo - catch you next time." she winks and leaves them too it. though one last peak around the wall before ascending the steps.

Erica chuckles and playfully waves off her grandma's fingers watching the older woman leave - chasing another kiss from Leo. "mmmm she likes you." She whispers letting the kiss drop but remaining close. "a lot." a little giggle, immensely glad he was so accepted. " - shower?"

Leo grinned, nodding. "Yeah. I'm relieved." Then he returned her kiss and ended with a nuzzle. "I'm game if you are."

A light moan - nodding. "Oh sooo game -" she breaths deep against his cheek. "Mmmm we do smell - gooood - but smell." She adds giggling shifting to stand off the stool.

Leo chuckled and nuzzled her again. "Yeah. We can't leave here without a shower first." He gave her a naughty wink to let her know that he was planning for more than just a regular shower. Although, he wouldn't have intercourse with her if she was still hurting so much.

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