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Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:09 am

She so enjoyed drying him, placing the towel back once he was her hands running along his shoulder to hand to take and be lead or lead out of the bathroom. "Will that be difficult?" though probably not most of new york was at this moment of dawn still in the process of waking fully and getting ready for work. Some getting home. Back to her room where his gear was, and their messy bed - realizing with a start his bandana was not in his gear and crawling onto her bed towel not covering her ass in this position looking among her covers and pillows for the blue cloth.

Leo smiled and closed his hand over hers. "No, not really. My brothers and I have snuck out in the daytime before." Although it definitely wasn't as easy. But Leo and his brothers were skilled ninjas and had made themselves practically invisible when they had to.

His hand had hers again just as she found the blue cloth - some time during the night, either whilst they made love or late in the sleep the bandana had become scrunched under the blanketing at the foot of the bed, tugging it free she was just straitening and now listened - smiling. "thats good - though sun is important for turtles? do yous... get much of it?" she was curious - well important for normal turtle perhaps Leonardo and his brothers could get along without it? She rubs his knuckles with her thumb before dropping to straighten his bandana undoing the knot and offering to place it back on, kneeling on her bed among covers even more mused than before.

Leo allowed her to put his mask back on. "You mean sunlight? Not usually. It's dangerous for us to be out during the day. If the wrong person spotted us, it would be all over," he told her honestly. "But, to be here with's worth it." He smiled warmly and kissed her once she put his mask on him. "Thank you."

Erica tying off the bandana and catch those lips once more in a kiss Erica gave a light giggle, "I would disagree that I am not worth the risk, but I know I would take all risks as well to be with you... and it would be more than worth it." She murmurs enjoying the moment letting it linger knowing it was almost time to have their goodbyes for now. And not keen for it.

Leo also wasn't ready to go, but he knew he had to. There would be questions he didn't want to answer if he was caught. It was getting late and the others would be up soon if they weren't already. He returned her kiss then nuzzled her. "Well...I guess I should go now." He stole another kiss before letting her go. "I'll see you later tonight, I promise.

"I know you should - I want to keep you." Erica murmurs a moan when those nuzzles found her skin - "yes - please... tonight - my love." chasing more kisses as she shifts to stand up in front of him. "Going by rooftop?" where she had found him - they first lovins under the hidden tunnels of passion fruit creepers.

Leo nodded. "Yeah. Care to join me?" He offered his hand for her to take.

"do I?" Erica eagerly takes his hand and tip toes - smooching him, but lead him to where her bow and his swords hung on the wall. "Don't forget your claws my lion." She winks.

Leo chuckled, giving her hand a squeeze. "I wouldn't dream of it." Then he went over and grabbed the swords in their sheathes and strapped them onto his shell. "How do I look?"

Erica watching him Erica squeezes the hand back - admiring the look of him and nodding in approval, "primal - sexy." a purr stepping closer to smooch him, then tug gently to lead him - reluctant as she was to do so back to the stairs that lead up to the rooftop garden.

Leo grinned and allowed her to lead him to the stairs. "Do you think you grandmother is still up there?" He knew if she was he would have to behave himself. But, on the other hand, he wanted to thank her properly for the breakfast earlier.

"Yeah still up there." Erica nods sneaking a few more kisses as they head up the stairs towards the roof top door way pushing it open as they reach it. "Usually just loitering in the sun." She adds with a giggle. "Sometimes working on the garden.' and out they went into a smoggy dusky still very low light dawn of the New York - her little lean GranGran ahead whistling and plucking weeds and dead foliage from the good stuff.

Leo smiled. He chuckled softly when Erica told him about her grandmother lounging in the sun. "It is a great feeling, though. I only wish we could do it more often." Finally they were back on the roof and Leo nuzzled her gently. "Thank you for everything, Erica. I love you."

His chuckle - the nuzzles. those words. Erica gave a squee and hopped onto the gardening edge granting herself just enough height to be eye level arms moving about shoulders to squeeze him - kiss him. "sooo very welcome. I love you - my Green Lion of the Night." staying on the edge even s she drew arms back hearing some where in the garden her Gran Gran 'nawwwwwww' and the shuffling of her garden boots - bright yellow with purple elephants all over them, stained and soil covered follow by the sight of the older woman herself.

Leo glanced up when he heard the grandmother. He smiled at her, bowing his head. "Thank you for breakfast," he told the older woman, smiling at her. "I'll see you both possibly later tonight." Then he pressed a kiss to Erica's cheek before pulling away, giving her a wink.

a grin and she hopped lightly along the garden edging - balance she was good at - "Yes - most possibly later." She grins ruffling the older womans short dark brown hair.

"Safe trip home Leonardo -" she playfully swats away Erica with her garden glove - making her squeak when smears of dirt got on her. "Hah! I am victorious!"

"yes - and safe trip back." Erica more mouth than said wiping a dirt smear off her cheek.

Leo grinned at both ladies, thanking them once again and then disappeared into the vines. Then he headed down the fire escape and to the nearest manhole. He was really late! He hurried home after entering the sewers, taking off down the tunnels at a run.

Giggling madly and so over cloud nine Erica kissed her grans cheek and hurried away inside - to wipe her face and collapse in bed -


Master Splinter He whom had a fresh hot tea and stretching a little - a yawn, mmmmm early early morning- prefect time for Ninja practice!

When Leo approached the entrance to the lair, he slowed down to casually enter. He was breathing heavily from exertion, but that wasn't anything new. Leo would often go out for a run before it got light, so him coming in at this time (even a bit late) wasn't all that unusual. He didn't think anyone would ask questions, anyway. Now inside the lair, he lightly stepped across the floor towards his own room...

Master Splinter poking his head around the kitchen door Splinter smiles. 'Good Morning Leonardo - extra early morning training run my son?" he asks him coming around the door tea in hand. Ears had heard light movement and he was not sure until he poked his head around the door that he had heard it at all, but he was not going to tell his son just yet how very silent he had moved.

Leo stopped in his tracks and smiled at his father. "Yes. It was a very good run. Sorry I'm a bit late, Sensei." He bowed to Splinter. "Are the others up yet?"

Master Splinter "good to hear - any trouble?" Splinter moves closer bowing back - whiskers twitching as something unusual met his nose - "You... showered?" the smell of the wash was not familiar. he flicks his ears around and shakes his head. "No your brothers are all still asleep... that is not the scent of our soap." He adds.

Leo froze...uh-oh. Now he had to come up with a quick story. "Yeah, uh, I did at April's. I got a bit messy on my run, so I asked if I could use her shower quickly." Oh, he hoped Splinter bought it.

Master Splinter It was feasible - but just encase ... He gave Leonardo a hard 'dad' stare, the kind that made Michelangelo spill secrets in a matter of seconds, and Donatello, his sons Raphael and Leonardo held out longer but generally caved if there was anything to confess. "Caseys' body wash or after shave?"

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Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:14 am

Leo shook his head. "Not his aftershave but the wash, yes." Leo knew that look all too well from Splinter. It seemed like he might have bought it, but there was still some doubt there, Leo knew.

"I see, might want to tell him it is strong.... but has a decidedly warm very ... Feminine undercurrent." He was careful where he placed that word feminine watching Leonardo's face still in that dad state tail curled about the tea cup. Yes he had finally registered in the citrus twang the... Softer fragrance - something warm and light but there. And he knew it was not Aprils scent, she had a distinct spicy cinnamon smell to her natural odor - Angel sweet but sharp like licorice ... This was lighter - like a fruit he could not place.

Leo nodded. "I will." He bowed his head and started heading for his room again, thinking he was in the clear. Or at least wanting to believe he was and things could go on as usual. He still felt that burning stare into his shell, though.

okay hammer time - he was fairly certain now, "or tell the young lady her scent is strong, if soft and lingering."

And Leo froze again. He spun around to face Splinter. "Uh...right." Leo rubbed the back of his neck nervously. What exactly did his father know now? Leo was a bit confused. "It's the flowers I was sitting next to. Passion fruit blossoms." Okay, so that wouldn't explain a lady's scent...but maybe a perfume?

Splinter dropped the dad stare with a chuckle, "oh now you have to tell me what really happened now Leonardo, that is no perfume that is a woman's smell, young, healthy... Fertile..." As he gestures with a finger one hand still held his cane the other the tea pot and spare cup - he moves to sit, wondering if it had been some rescue why not just say so. It made him aware it probably had not been.

Leo could feel the heat rising to his cheeks. Yeah, he should've known Splinter wouldn't buy his story. And now, his father was giving hints that he knew way more than Leo could even think to cover up. He might as well tell him. "Well...I did meet this girl. Her name is Erica..." he began.

"Erica - feminine of Eric ... Nordic beginnings? Or Gaelic - meaning fair rule I think." He muses ear and whiskers twitching in a way that meant he was trying not to smirk. "Is the young lady going to be dangerous to us?" He asks again gesturing for Leo to join him they had some time before his brothers woke to their alarms, or Mikey prancing them.

Leo took the invitation to sit on the couch as his father spoke about her name. He almost sputtered when Splinter asked him if Erica was a threat to them. "Heck no, Sensei. It's not like that at all. In fact, she's the only human girl - outside of April - that accepts me for who and what I am."

A grin actually broke through, "then you coyness about her is not about safety." He muses pouring some tea for Leonardo and holding out the cup. "Really? No fear of you - that is fortunate and rare for a human to be so open at once - how did you happen upon her?"

Okay, so this conversation turned into a much more comfortable one now. Splinter's accusing tone was gone and he seemed genuinely happy that Leo found this girl...or she found him as the case was. Which lead to Splinter's next question, and Leo had no regrets. "She came out while I was meditating on her rooftop." Now Leo's grin became a bit sheepish. "I know what you're going to say, Sensei. But, she's different. I only revealed myself to her once I knew she wasn't a threat."

"I see - this Erica, her scent does not hint at one much old - and I was going to say even the most beautiful roses hide sharp thorns, are you certain she bares you ... and if you told her of us, us no ill? Could you be certain on her sincerity?" He asks sipping his tea listening to the tone of his sons voice as much as the words and watching his face answering grin amused whiskers widening and spreading ears turning to listen for the other young men - snores greeted him so the ears stilled back to Leonardo.

"I am positive, Master Splinter. This isn't some mysterious girl that is only pretending to care about me. She's the real thing." Leo smiled softly. "And she's more than just fine. She would never hurt me...or us."

mmmm certainly a warmth to his eldest tone "I see -- describe your new friend for me - any plans to bring her to meet us? Or not yet?" Yes there was definitely a way his son spoke of Erica.

Leo couldn't forget Erica's face even if he wanted to. He smiled as he listed her best features. "She has beautiful blue eyes, a soft smile, gorgeous blonde hair that tumbles down her back..." He almost said she had very soft skin, but decided not to go that far. "And yeah, I want to, but I don't know if I should yet." He didn't really want to be teased by his brothers - especially Mikey. Leo would never hear the end of it.

However it was enough of a description, "you speak with a young mans ... appreciative tongue my son -" taking in it all and grin becoming almost a playing smirk as he eyes Leonardo, "why not yet?" Curious half his tea gone and he refilled - a noise, no a son shifting in his nest. not stirring yet.

"Huh?" His expression turned to one of confusion. Okay, so maybe he described Erica like he was fond of her, but...did it give too much away? Splinter wasn't asking him if he slept with the girl at least. " know how my brothers are, Sensei." Although on the other hand, maybe telling them would prove that he was the alpha male in this household. "I'll tell them later."

A chuckle "not if you are not ready my son, I may be an old rat but I remember time long ago with my own love, I know it well no matter how many years it has been if you want to keep your new friend ... mate? ... secret for a while do so. I am guessing you did not come home at all last night? I will not say anything." he promises so thoroughly amused.

Leo smiled warmly at his father. It appears he wasn't in trouble after all. For that, Leo was relieved. "Uh, no I didn't. We did a lot of talking." He still wasn't ready to tell Splinter just how far he went with Erica yet.

"nothing quiet like a young woman's company. You worried I would disapprove - if talking is all And she is not a danger as you said I have no reason to be disapproving. if more than talking... well I am not sure whether I want to be a total guy and congratulate you on that foray into manhood or be sad it is a reminder just how much my sons have grown." He was thoroughly amused. "But still not disapproving," just to assure the youth.

Leo smiled again, bowing his head. "Thank you, Sensei." It looked like everything would be okay. Splinter didn't seem to mind even if he told him everything. Well, maybe a little, but not in a bad way. "You...really don't mind me hanging out with her?"

Splinter meets Leonardos gaze, "you enjoy hanging out with her? And she you?" He asks he wished he could ask the girl this and watch her face in reply - but his curiosity there would have to wait into Leo also wished to share her existence among his brothers, and he could meet her face to face. "If you both do - enjoy it Leonardo, precious things are far and few between and time with them often sadly short - so savor it"

"Yes. Very much. I plan to see her tonight, too," he finally admitted, shifting a little in his seat. "Thanks, Master Splinter." Leo was on cloud nine to know Splinter didn't mind if he spent time with Erica. Now he definitely wanted him to meet her...and only him for now. But...not just yet. Next time they already had something planned and he didn't want that to change. He was really looking forward to that hot tub...and her being in it with him...and whatever happened while they were in there. A small churr slipped out at the thought of a naked, wet Erica in a hot tub. A hot scene indeed. He covered the churr with a clear of his throat, hoping Splinter didn't catch it.

"save those for around her my son, mmm must be quiet the young woman - but your brothers will scent her on you as I did unless we go start training and get all sweaty and stinky in a less than pleasurable I am sure but still good way." He winks chuckling, yes he had guessed. And was not going to pretend not to have.

Leo felt his blush coming back. "You really think they'll notice?" All he could smell was the body wash and Leo had cleared his story about that earlier. "I'm not ready for them to know yet."

"it takes time to note - but no male with noses like our own can fail to notice... Her scent - it is a very alluring smell, and no doubt you as I have learned gives away her youth, health... potency - something males of her own species won't really note but be subconsciously aware of that your brothers will note." He finishes his tea.

Leo nodded. "Then I want to do whatever it takes to make sure they don't find out."

"until you wish to" he winks standing. "Come then let's cover her lingering sweetness with training - and in future lemons - lemon juice will remove smells in a wash - I learned that when we were all younger." He leaves the tea pot and cups heading to the dojo

Leo also stood up. "Lemons? Huh." He would have to file that away for future use. He had no idea something as simple as lemon would take care of it. He once again was glad Splinter didn't mind what he did. And, even though it was still strange to open up to his father about a relationship like this, he was grateful for Splinter being so understanding and...fatherly. And Leo was also very glad he didn't get the highly-anticipated (not!) "Birds and Bees" talk.

"you and she - I take both gave up maiden hoods as it was -" Splinter says as they step into dojo and stance for katas. "I hope you were gently my son you and your brothers and I are a lot stronger than humans, and most females particularly."

Oh...he wasn't finished. Leo's blush was returning since Splinter was now focusing on the particulars of this encounter with Erica. "Yeah...definitely being careful," he told him as he moved with Splinter into the first kata.

"and cared for her? I have not forgotten my first - such a prized thing among many human cultures still but just skin and it hurt poor Shen so - but kind words, a warm soak and rest and she was fine. Mmm guess you cannot protect yourselves like most so communication is good - I mean if ... things happen you need to have some ... Talks and plans before hand for out comes " he went into a slow shift between stances - speed would come as they warmed up."

Leo nodded. "I did." Even though he was hesitant about entering her again after the first time, but she encouraged it. He felt bad that she would be sore for a while, though. Leo continued to move with Splinter through the kata, feeling awkward again to be having this conversation with him.

"I am glad, I also hope I raised you'd well enough that when you'd had this sort of chance to take care, a woman can be inspiring and happy is she will make you in turn, unhappy is terrible." He grins at his son. "So you will also have to chat about possible pregnancy my son - we don't know if its not possible she should know. Mmm passion fruits a odd unique thing for her scent to have taken on " they moved a little quicker.

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PassionedFruits. Back to the Lair (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Back to the Lair (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter)

Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:16 am

Leo kept up with Splinter easily. He frowned a bit when Splinter mentioned the pregnancy thing. He wasn't telling his father ALL the details of what he did with Erica. He wanted to keep some of it private and he definitely wasn't ready to be a father himself yet. Getting back to the passion fruit blossoms, Leo smiled again. "Well, she has several vines growing on her rooftop," he explained as he moved in sync with Splinter. "They smell great. I didn't even know what it was until she told me."

He had noted the frown and snored amused guessing what was behind it, "I should clarify and amend, I meant talk to her not I - I certainly do not want the 'goss' or four one one in detail do not fret about that." A chuckle - yep amused ears moving to follow sounds of a lair of older teens boys finally stirring, well a Donnie anyways making noisey progress to the kitchen for coffee no doubt. "Yes, a light tropical smell, the blooms are beautiful." And thankfully the scent no longer lingered.

It wasn't that Leo thought Splinter would want him to talk to him about the pregnancy thing, just that he hadn't officially told his father about how far he went with Erica. And that...he came in her. Although, it was pretty much already hinted at by the clever rat. By now, Leo had worked up quite a sweat from the kata. He still would be taking a shower after practice, but at least his brothers weren't around to ask him embarrassing questions.

And further smothered when a still not awake Donnie shuffled in - sipping the strong fragrant black coffee. The air filled with the hot liquids smell "Good morning Donatello." - even more amused when the youth just gave them both a vague look and mumbled greeting - it always took him a while to wake the big brain up.

Leo smiled at Don, giving him a small wave. "Good morning, Don." By Don's reaction to the greeting, Leo guessed maybe his brother had pulled an all-nighter himself in his lab. It wouldn't be the first time and certainly not the last.

A sigh a Don mumbled and nodded to Leo amid sips of the hot coffee, "sometimes I so regret yous are no longer young enug to asign curfews too -" thoughhis complaint was mostly in an amused tone still flipping as the kata required. "Your will take group training in hand this morning Leonardo."

Leo kept following Splinter's movements. "Hai, Sensei." After he landed, he bowed quickly to his father before once again moving with him through the katas.

"I would my self, but I am old and after this will need a break before rejoining you four." The older master grins - yes old bones needed just that little bit more rest than the young ones - annnnnd it would be time for his stories.

Leo smiled at Splinter, nodding. "It's alright, Master Splinter. I'll do it." He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He definitely could use that shower now.

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