PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

Post by Erica Martins on Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:18 pm

(( lol : ))

Leo was enjoying the afterglow with Erica when he suddenly heard his name and his eyes flew open, letting out a startled gasp. He glanced down at the smaller girl in his arms then looked around, trying to find out where the voices were coming from. Leo's mind was still a bit muddled from the activity earlier, but he know he heard his name. "Uh...who was that?" he asked Erica, feeling a bit nervous about the position they had possibly been caught in.

His gasp had echoed her own. Erica felt her cheeks redden, but she saw he was nervous and at once sought to reassure him... though considering her parents had called out his name they had been over heard... oh man. She kissed his cheek. "My mum and dad... their home early." she whispers back to him and pats the plastron under her hands. "They wont be angry - " she was certain of that - but she was not certain if he wanted to be seen by more humans, "did... did you want me to intercept them? you could sneak into my room..." she asks lowly for him raising her voice a little. "Hey mum... dad... one moment please!" eyes on Leo's though waiting for his direction here. He possibly would have to meet them one day she supposed, but she wasn't going to force him to do so now

still snorting with giggles making dem drinks.

"oh take ya time - we only been gone for a couple of weeks." Trixie giggles - thoroughly amused. Hank was more trn between some indignation and amusement. But was more disposed to be amused.

Leo honestly didn't know what to do. Of course, he really wanted to meet her parents. But considering he wasn't human made that more difficult. Sure, Ida seemed to accept him without a problem, but...could he get so lucky three times in a row? Was it worth it to risk exposure with these people? In one word: yes. But, then again, it went back to how accepting her parents would be to him. And that was a big 'if'. With a sigh, he nodded. "Okay. But just long enough for me to...pull myself together," he answered. "I want to meet them tonight." He smiled and kissed her cheek before slipping out of her and stood up from the hot tub, letting the water slide down his body before climbing out and grabbed a towel and his gear, disappearing into the foliage until the two humans were out of the way so he could sneak down to her room.

A shiver and very muffled moan when he moved, feeling that emptiness that came afterwards as they parted, taking the moment to admire the sight of him until out of sight and now finally standing herself - on legs that shook, she leaned over and turned off the tub before stepping out and finding a robe slipping it on tying the belt firmly. Then pulling her damp dripping blond curls up into a knotted bun she makes her way towards her parents. forgetting the some sheepish embarrassment as she got closer and eagerly leaping at them to glomp the pair. "Mum! Dad!" snugging them both. "You gave us such a spook!" she accused, no sense pretending there was not another here... or that they did not know

the glomp became a group one and Trixie snorted. "Well was not the home coming we expected either - so do we get to meet the Leo?" she asks between cheek smooches. Hank grumbles, "teach us for taking the early flight - maybe we should have lingered and joined the mile high club."

Sniggering Erica shook her head, typical folks, "Come on, and yes I think so, inside... it's kinda cool out here." and thus dragging the folks down into the apartment leaving the way clear for Leo - seeing Ida setting out drinks for all... including Leo. And she could have sworn adding a bit of brandy to her parents coffees!

Leo made it down the stairs and headed for Erica's room. Once inside, he closed the door behind him and started getting dressed. He didn't put his weapons on, though, because he figured if he did meet the parents of the woman he loved, he would make a much better impression on them if he wasn't armed. That could set up some red flags right away. Leo's appearance was already pretty imposing without the weapons.

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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

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"sooooo-" began Hank as Erica dragged them to the love seater end of couch shoving them into it. The familiar softness so very welcome and he heard his wifes sigh echo his own. Ida brought over drinks and sat on the spacious middle part of couch grinning at her granddaughter

She just knew she was never going to hear the end of this - but smiling Erica waved away questions for the moment, "hold on please -" and moved away to her room knocking - that was weird - before slipping inside. "Leo-" voice pleased as she spied him moving to straighten bandana tails smiling. "you sure?"

Leo looked at Erica and smiled. "Yes. I'm very sure. But I need your help." Leo knew he would have to make this meeting gradual. So, the best way would be for them to just hear him - hear his voice. "Can you bring your parents to the door? They can ask me any question they want, but...I just want them to hear me, first."

Erica stood on tiptoe kissing his snout gently. "of course, one moment " she ascended back to flat foot and hand made it to the door before turning to him again skipping back to kiss more firmly, on the lips. "thank you. " after all he certainly did not have to meet them

- then she headed out moving to the couch to lean over the back, "this may be an odd request but dont question just come with me. " she interrupts her folks attempts to get info out of a supremely ignoring them Ida.

Leo returned her kiss, slipping his arms around her. "I'll do anything for you, you know that." Then he released her and sat on the edge of the bed when the door closed. He took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves as he waited patiently for his 'audience'.

her sudden reappearance startled Hank more than Trixie and puzzled but intrigued the taller older blonde stood elegantly sighing reaching to Help up her sputtering husband. "we're coming... we're coming... But why no-" Erica shook her head to stop the question stopping and hand still held by her mothers she again slipped into her room... Most of her... Hank and Trixie shared a glance unsure of this facing their daughters door. "can we-?"

Erica smiles seeing Leo again her arm still twisted behind her and out the door, "no... " she forestalled the question using her free hand to gesture Leo over.. "we're doing this through door first... Say hi.. ask something..." heart still fluttering from Leos words. "Leo my folks Trixie and Hank, mum, dad my mate Leo. " unawares she used mate not boyfriend.

'hah clever' she thought watching kneeling on the couch resting against the back.

Leo saw Erica enter again and he headed over to her when she motioned him. After introductions were out of the way Leo blushed slightly because he did catch the title Erica gave him. It made his heart soar, though. "Hello, Trixie and Hank. It's nice to meet you."[/color]

both were puzzled and Trixie mouthed 'mate' whilst Hank shrugged hear the voice... Young in comparison to his own but the tenor was as deep he gazes at the door trying to see through it. "how.. How uh did you meet my daughter? " maybe saying my daughter out of some reflexive protective dadness

Trixie was still puzzling and added "nice to uh hear your voice too Leo... Is that short for something? And how long have you been... Mates?" consciously using Ericas word

she grinned up at Leo one hand still caught behind her the other cupping his cheek

Leo smiled at Erica and nuzzled her hand. Having her in there with him for this meeting definitely helped to calm his nerves. "My name is Leonardo Hamato. I met your daughter on this rooftop two nights ago." Then he paused and smiled at Erica. "We have been inseparable ever since."[/color]

mmm she smiles back thumb caressing the curve of cheek under eye carefully. "inseparable " she agrees hand behind her squeezing her mothers hand feeling the slight jerk guessing more than knowing she and possibly Hank had started a little.

Hank frowns a bit... indignant of being ousted as most important man in Erica's life making him want to demand the younger fellow come out from behind the door.

But Trixie gave him a look and instead he gaped like a fish soundlessly pointing at door drifting off in huffs as his wife rolled her eyes and ignored him - "umm yes we gathered... " a lot of laughter in her voice... A giggle escaping when Hank grumbled and mumble. "uh how old are you Leonardo?... Hamato that sounds oriental... " she thinks aloud.

smother snorts at her son in laws huff and grumble and grumbles

"I'm seventeen," Leo answered with a smile. It sounded like things were going well. He wasn't exactly sure what Hank thought since he had been so quiet. "It's Japanese, actually. My father is from Japan."[/color]

Hank went to blurt out something about their ages and what they had walked out on on the rooftop but eeeped instead when Trixie stomped his toe... He hops holding it - "watch your toe my dear," Trixie says so the young two know what had Hanks attention right now... "Japanese... We went to Tokyo a couple of years back... Erica won a solo championship... Uh do you attend our dance school?" why else would he be on their rooftop?

Erica guessed what happened and giggled a little she could imagine her poor father hopping about holding a foot. She blushed hearing of her win but did not interrupt she felt they were nearing the point Leo would be asked to show himself

Dance school? "Uh, no. No, I was just out getting some air. Your beautiful flowers caught my attention." Then he smiled warmly at Erica. "And then someone even more beautiful caught my attention."[/color]

Trixie gave a looooud squee hopping on the spot til Erica's voice called out and she realized he had been pulling on her arm as she hopped about "the frangipanis are my fave too!" though she had no idea the youths both favored Passionfruit blooms - "then how'd you get to the rooftop? " she added thoughtfully curious their fire escape was she supposed accessible and a nibble someone could hop the top locked gate

Hank put his foot down glaring witheringly at his wife... Whom gave him a innocent look and refused to wither... With a sigh he finally said "cant we talk more forth right? Seems strange to chat with a door between us... " though what would have been a demand was instead a question softened by the youthful mans compliment... A bit...

Her cheeks darkened it spread down her neck to cheek and she barely had a moment to tug a bandana tail to bring him closer to smooch and whisper she indeed caught him.. Seduced him... When her mothers excitement made her wince and cry out for her to stop yanking on her arm! Which thankfully she did... Erica wriggling her shoulder ... It was fine.

Leo knew it was only a matter of time before they would want to meet him face to face. "'am? I'm not sure that's a good idea yet." He glanced at Erica, wondering what he should do. It seemed like he was losing her mother. With a heavy sigh he leaned against the wall next to the door. "I'm not exactly normal."[/color]

her hand resumes cupping his cheek brushing her thumb over snout and giving him a reassuring smile... If he dint want this she would not let her folks in.

another of those looks between each other Ida watching still from the couch. hank spoke "liiike uh differently abled?" because disable... Deformed... They were not words they used to describe different people.

Leo glanced at Erica briefly. "I'm six-feet tall...and uh...very muscular." He glanced at his own hands, turning them over. He could do this. He could go out there and let them see the real him...right? Because with how he was describing himself, he wasn't giving them a true picture of what he looked like.[/color]

she withdrew her hand from her mother's ad reached both hands grasping his squeezing. Soothingly she hoped l... Though possibly there would be little of that this had to be unsettling for him.

glanced again that was vague... but certainly did drive out an mental image of a slightly built asian featured maybe of medium height youth... The pair met eyes ad frowned a little Trixie gesturing for Hank to encourage the boy out. "uh... Im six foot too only a dancers build... Um but I think we should see eye to eye. " sounded like they were at right height to do so

rolling eyes was she going to have to take matters out of the younger peoples hands?

Leo wasted no more time and stuck his hand out the door. "This is my hand." If he had to do this by revealing one limb at a time, then so be it.[/color]

she had let his hands go. Waited breath held

"ooooahh!" he squawked like a duck... Stepping back in shock.....

Whilst Trixie sort of stared slowly like she was being old to hold a Goliath spider she touched a thumb - "oooh my... Uh... Are you Shrek?" the mum did her best to hide her unease and inject a little humor as her husband stared then measured his - quiet large hand against the other though not as brave to touch... Scratch that yes he was he was more frightened of the look Trixie gave him an so swallowing the freak out he took the hand and shook it.

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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

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Erica: Ida: silently rolling about giggling on couch here

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo blinked. He wasn't expecting that. He allowed the human to lead the handshake then pulled his hand back inside the door. "I'm not Shrek...but there are similarities." He nodded to Erica to let her know she could open the door.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica: Heee ole gal is funneh

[Bookmark] Erica she smiled and waited until the hand was back ansld Leo seemed as sure as he was going to get the pulled her door open

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: watches less giggly the cushions close at hnland and she was a excellent shot with them

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo dropped to one knee as the door opened, bowing his head. "Konnichiwa..."

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie &Hank: he let the hand go the parents again puzzled by the response and not sure what to think chancing a pair of looks and half shrugs to each other before the door opened... Trixie again was a little more composed then her husband... Both looked a mix of alarmed and shocked as well as curious both shocked.... "uh.... Hello?" Trixie finds her voice first

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: Hank reacted belatedly bowing back in a shallow half dip clearly what ever he had been expctllecting it was not this... He spied the shell "turtle?

[Bookmark] Erica: *catching sight of Ericas fierce head shake and her mimic of taking a deep breah and looking calm trying to tell both folks to not freak out right and so he went with an obvious

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo lifted his head but he remained on one knee. "Yes. I'm a mutant turtle." He took in both humans and smiled at them then took Erica's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I won't hurt you...or your daughter. I promise."

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: Hank was not sure what to do, but both he and Trixie met the gaze searching for and finding the youths honesty. Erica gestured again and both adults started a bit reaching a hand each automatically to offer a hand up. A grin passed between them and as that happened the initial freak oyt feelings began to go. Trixie smiles "glad to hear it... Please keep your word" whilst Hank nodded fervently.

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: phew no need to throw cyshions "come have your drinks!" she says bossily to them all

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica Erica chuckles dropping a hand to rub Leos head -Gran Gran always gad a sense of priorities

[Bookmark] Erica: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo finally rose to his feet and smiled, glancing at Erica with a brief look of relief.

[Bookmark] Erica Erica winks at him to take a hand and squeeze it gently winking... Proud of her parents really they could be acting a lot worse

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: he stood and seemed much bigger than even her SO's six feet... She tried not to stare though politely gesturing towards couch and the drinks, "huh guessing you met my mother Ida already -" a little awkward - here they were dressed in fancy cloths in their family apartment doing best to not freak out over the fact their daughters boyfriend was a mutant.

[Bookmark] Leonardo "Leo nodded, finally exiting the bedroom with Erica. "Yeah, we met." And it was an awkward meeting, but at least the older woman took things in stride.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: suddenly glad he had not blustered like most dads with threats of bodily harm... He was a dancer and the youth facing them was definitely not... Hank was a tall guy... Built finely and in excellent shape fir his age but he boy looked like he could toss about his mother in laws volkswagen ; he rubbed back of his neck... "ah drinks yes"uttering as Trixie spoke and Ida held out cups for taking. "typical... Nothing gets past mum" he grunts a little sympathetically remembering the relentless teasing Ida gave him when tey met

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: sniggering she winks at the two teens "of course not... " as if she had meant to catch teens out not just accidently like Her daughter and son in Law

[Bookmark] Erica Erica rolled her eyes... Well if there was the beginnings of teasing it was going to be fine. She chuckles as Trixie took her cup but was leaning to look at Leos shell

[Bookmark] Leonardo It seemed like the tension had gone away for the most part. To further take the attention off himself, he decided to talk to Hank. "So, did your trip go?"

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 90 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: OO still here lol

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: he was like Trixie trying to look... When he was spoken to he straightened and pretende Dhe had not been eyes wide like a caught in the cookie jar look. "uh it was great we went to study Pasodoble... And may have come of second in the ballroom" he says half boasting to cover his moment of child like curiosity

[Bookmark] Erica Erica gave her mum a look leaning to block her view.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixe: "hey... Trying to read the graffiti !" she informs Erica leaning a bit more. "and quiet different to other turtle shells we have seen..."

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "I won't to take out my nail buffer and make it shiny" she says idly watching the whole scene with immense amusement.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica: mikey would love such a thing

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol What was she really looking for? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol Trixie don't really know about tails... But she might be curious if she sees [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: Just what Aleo needs to - to back to his brothers his shell all glossy and shiny

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink] poor guy - her folks are getting past the freak out and onto the curious

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo didn't have a problem with Trixie looking at his shell. In fact, he took some pride in their curiosity of his symbols. "It means 'family'," he told her with a smile.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "really? It is actual kanji then? Wooow.. Whom did your tattoos?" she points at his arm.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned. "A good friend of mine." He was definitely getting more comfortable with the quality of questions now.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "let me see..." stepping about his wife to look. "huh so it is... Kinda looks like the Polynesian tattoos.. Remember that time in the Indonesian Isle love?" he remarks idly not really noting the brandy flavour to his coffee now.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "family... very meaningful symbol - for your own family I guess?" she asks smiling back rather

[Bookmark] Erica: * like an older taller version of her daughter though eyes brown not blue

[Bookmark] Erica giggling Erica holds out Leo's tea to him her own grin growing, they were past fear... They were on curiosity and that was good... Though she knew they would get there her folks were world travelers, dancers, artists they lived to discover new things

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled, nodding. "Yes. I am the eldest of four siblings. My father is a mutant rat - he adopted us when we were really young." He took the tea from Erica, giving a quick thanks then took a sip.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: this drew the two curiously circling parents to a stand still both gasping, though again Hank was the only one to choke on his drink doing so. Trixie tried to picture what he was saying, "there... More like you and a mutant rat?" eyes wide.

[Bookmark] Leonardo "A humanoid rat, yes. He was once a human named Yoshi Hamato, but now he is known as Master Splinter. He is our father, our guide, and our sensei."

[Bookmark] Erica thumping her father on the back helpfully until he emerged from his coughing and spluttering fit Erica shooed them up a little, "come lets get comfy n couch." the wide long lounge had plenty of options, the two seated love seat connect to the rest, a long three seater and reclining ends in a long L shape and they could snuggled and use throws and talk more comfortably she parks her butt on the middle of the three seater part patting the seat beside her for Leo.

[Bookmark] Leonardo It felt weird putting Yoshi's name first, but since Leo introduced himself with his first name first, it made sense.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo took the seat next to her.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: "woooow." both breathed, grinned at each other then tried separately to imagine it again. "so... What's with the bandana?" Hank gestured as it occurred to him following Erica's lead and parking his ass n the two seated love seat part arm draping about Trixie as she joined him and snuggled both sipping brandy laced drinks.

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida grins and pushes her recliner piece out relaxed, happy things for now were friendly.

[Bookmark] Erica: no need for cushion throwing

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol

[Bookmark] Erica Erica grins resting lightly against Leo tired from their love making on the rooftop in the tub, the long day filled with eagerness to see him, their first night together..l and the excitement of this meeting that was slowly becoming less awkward and more comfortable for them all.

[Bookmark] Leonardo "I am a student of Ninjutsu," Leo said proudly, taking another sip of his tea. "I didn't put my weapons on because I didn't want to scare you before you got to know me better. In our ways of teaching, a ninja's weapon is always used as a last resort." Another sip of tea.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: Trixie hummed thoughtfully, "would like to see your move,ent sometime, self defense is beyond us..l though whilst living in European countries a years ago we did study some weapons craft, and have learned a little capoeira..." she says eagerly, anything they could aug,ent their passion of dance with.

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "rather like to see that myself, wonder if your father remembers some Japanese recipes," she grins, like her daughter and son in law thinking of always learning new things, for her - culinary science was a passion.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank grin at him, "yes must see some sometime, what are your brothers like then? And glad you did not, you are quiet... Impressive upon first slight without them." he did not want to say intimidating and be insulting.

[Bookmark] Erica A silent chuckle, she herself was keen to seem Leo at his craft some time, she certainly knew first hand it gave him seemingly endless stamina and strength - she shifts a bit stretching legs out on the couch beside her empty cup still warm cradling it in hands listening mostly, glad of the acceptance.

[Bookmark] Erica: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: I think I'm gonna have to stop here. Gotta head to bed soon.

[Bookmark] Erica: lol ! Yes omg it must be like super early!!

[Bookmark] Leonardo: *hugs hugs* I'll be on FB for a few more minutes. [smile]

[Bookmark] Erica: They can all sleep on lounge it's big enough

[Bookmark] Leonardo: 6:42 am. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol *hugs hugs* knew it!! *snugs*

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Awww. I'm fine finishing it next time. [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Okay [big grin] yay!

[Bookmark] Erica: FB then [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica left the chat 90 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo left the chat 90 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 89 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 88 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo joined the chat 88 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Leonardo: hiiiii

[Bookmark] Erica: Hehe doing the quick tuck shop shop

[Bookmark] Leonardo: k [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Ready though!

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo was very relieved the meeting was going so well. He really was starting to feel like a normal person. Not as a scary freak as most people saw him. He grinned at the adults then chuckled at Hank. "That's what I was thinking, too. I-uh...didn't want to look too imposing for you two." Then he took another sip of his tea before continuing. "I'll gladly show you some of the moves sometime." When they asked about his brothers, he just shrugged. "As far as I know, they're at my home - possibly in bed. Although...we patrol the city at night, for obvious reasons."

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 88 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank&Trixie: "obvious reasons?" Hank put the question next not sure what the youth meant

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie hums thinking about the boys careful approach assured of his personality in such consideration a grin at Erica "and so soon already -" the tease obvious in her tone

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: giggling Ida leaned over to whisper to her - both sniggered

[Bookmark] Erica "like I am the only Martins girl to make sure hrr chosen was hers" she snorts thinking se rather thought se knew wa was just sad and feeling herself blush glancing at Leo. "think VranGran just admitted she walked in on you in the loo" so he had some warning at least

[Bookmark] Leonardo "Uh, I mean...we can't go out during the day. Someone might spot us. We live in secret. No one knows we exist except only a people," Leo told them, wondering what Ida said to Trixie. He decided maybe he didn't want to know. "So, anyway, uh..." He paused and then his eyes widened when Erica elaborated on what was whispered between the two older woman. "Yeah...that'll teach me to lock the door the next time." Oh, man, he was so embarrassed by that incident.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: only a few people*

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "quiet impressive" the old gal grinned and she and Trixie giggled again.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "oh?" this cast at Erica a mischievous grin at the youthful mutant.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo rubbed the back of his neck. " you can see...there is nothing...small about me." He sure wanted the subject to change soon. More like as soon as possible.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: cast the women of his family a look and rolled his eyes "damn forgit you girls were devious blighters sometimes... Uh" he was though trying to keep talk less embarassing... And he really did not want details of appendages that uh... Deflower ed his daughter - but sensed if he gave that away the teasing would include him too! Not just the newbie. "uh... So night... Patrols... Yous um.. What do yous patrol for?" though he had some guesses.

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol!

[Bookmark] Erica: Hanks trying to!

[Bookmark] Erica She sniggered with her adult female family members rolling her eyes. "no all of Leo is large... Green and muscled... " cause she knew her mother... Knew her Grandmother... They would teasingly ask for details anyway - she took a hand and squeezed whispering "if they tease you they like you" if it would be any assurance

[Bookmark] Leonardo Finally - another subject! "My brothers and I look out for this city. We take down the criminals and we do what we can to keep the peace around here." Leo glanced at Erica when she squeezed his hand. "That's a way." He gave her a grateful smile before taking another sip of his tea.

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida&Trixie: "ooooh - but your...walking fine?

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol!

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie made Ida snigger more with that question smiling herself now.

[Bookmark] Erica:

PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Slave10
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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

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Erica: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled at Hank. "That was us. It was a hard decision to make when they asked us if they should expose us as the heroes we are. We said we were better off staying in the shadows."

[Bookmark] Erica her blush had been receding and her grin for him wide... Now she grins and after a gulp of coffee that she had intended to be a sip, a splutter and feeling her cheeks heat again Erica could not help giggle, "oh I even dance the day after... Sure a bit stiff-"

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Ida: "i bet it was!" the older women jibed and all three giggled glancing at the two men. Ida claps her hands, "very well mannered over breakfast too he was." she winks at Leo shoving Hank a little in tje shoulder interrupting their talk tossing a question to Leo. "our Erica your... First girlfriend? " important to know a guys history

[Bookmark] Erica: [tongue] poor Leo

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: had been nodding then gasped carefully balancing the mug of drink when he was shoved so he didnt wear it!

[Bookmark] Erica Erica giggles.. She could see talk was gonna get somewhat more awkward so kept her hand in Leos

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo didn't let this question bother him. He smiled at Ida and then Erica. "Yes. She's just absolutely amazing." He gave her a gentle nudge then slipped an arm around her, grinning at her parents and Ida.

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "oooooh so popping cherries was not a thing eitjer of you will look back on with regret then?" she quiries of the both making a face "christ mine was so embarassing" she admits ignoring her husbands look of utmost long suffering.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: he tries a glare "ya know I dont wanna hear this!" he grumps - subsiding when both women just looked at him.

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol my poor Hankiepoo

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "its interesting - and important must know the young man is a good young man... In all aspects.. " a snigger winking at the young people, "hardly kept away or hands off each other since I noted " teasing them both.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo shifted a little in his seat but he kept his arm around Erica. "Well, I didn't exactly expect to soon, but I have no regrets." He smiled at Erica, giving her a small hug with his arm.

[Bookmark] Erica amused and shifting more into Leos side and chuckling Erica grins "not a single regret at all, rather proud of seducing you sweet Lion. " a wink... Enjoying the snirt gasps and laughter from her mum and gran whilst her dad just sighed.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "might have known, well now the young fellow know all three of you are devious," bowing to the inevitable teasing that was going on...

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Ida: "so its the real thing? Huh not some young peoples fling?" Trixie asjs elbowing Ida to stop giggling damn it! Though her mouth was still in a wide grin

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled at Trixie. "It's very real. We're very much in love. I love your daughter with all my heart."

[Bookmark] Erica: Dawww

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: giggles became smothered in her awwwww and she places the empty coffee cup on the coffee table.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "y you do?" looking up at that to find the youger mans eyes looking for some indecisive ness or indecision or disho

[Bookmark] Erica: nesty

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: lke her mother nawwww beaming at the younger people.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo nodded. "I do." Then he smiled warmly at Erica. "But there is definitely no rush to take it further. I promise you that."

[Bookmark] Erica her heart melted and cheeks this time warmed in pleasure. "I love you too Leo." not concerned or shy to say so in front of her family. Casting a nod at her father to assure him of her own sincerity

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: he watches the yes carefully - "wow... " then looked puzzled, "i think sleeping together is as far as it can go yes...? " for a moment not catching on until his wifr and mother in laws looks made him think and he makes an oooooh soud "ohhh oh yous mean uh... " not sure. How to say that

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Ida: smother laughter

[Bookmark] Erica: Dad sometime a bit slow

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo looked at Hank and nodded. "Yes, that. I'm not ready for that to happen yet." He finished his tea then set the empty cup on the table in front of him before leaning back against the couch, taking Erica's hand in his own.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "shouldn't happen.. Erica went on a implant a year ago... " he had glanced mid sentence to get a nod from his snuggled into the mutants side daughter before finishing encase she didnt want it said

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "yes... Best not yet agreed" she nods sagely

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "ohhh yes - glad my firsts miscarried my brute of a furst husband certainly deserved no progeny." she snarks then grins, "so no rush for family or tying the knot huh? Always a good plan"

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo turned his attention to Hank. "Oh?" Then he looked at Erica, wondering why she didn't say anything yet. And here he was being so careful - usually - and pulling out before he released inside her. Now it made him feel even more relieved that he didn't have that to worry about anymore.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled at Ida. "That will definitely be a few years down the road."

[Bookmark] Erica Chuckling having spared Hank a nod she squeezes Leos hand and offers half a shrug at his look, "you never asked," and he hadnt and she had not really noted he had pulled out... Or at least had not thought that was why... She takes his hand to her opposing arms bicep showing his thumb where to press to feel the two and a half inch long rod buried as she understood under the skin layers... A tiny scar showing where it had been inserted. "glod for... another two years... " then blinked a grin over her lips "going to make an honest woman of me in a few years?" the tease a gentle one awed he thought that far ahead and touched... Loving him even more

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida&Trixie: "eeeeeeeee!" undisguised glee

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "phew... Glad to hear that" grinning a lot more at eas and glad they had use d their health care to get that for their daughter

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned, thinking of all the uninhibited fun they could have in that amount of time. He gave her a gentle nuzzle. "Of course...but when exactly will be a surprise," he told her with a wink.

[Bookmark] Erica Again the moment of surprise and a the following surge of warmth her eyes half closing her purr a deep pleased sound in her throat. "I like surpises" she whispers content with that.. and even more pleased and proud of herself for catching the Lions eyes... and heart. Kissing that mouth ignoring the half amused huff from her father and renewed giggle awwwwing from the female elders

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo wasn't expecting the kiss, but he fully returned it. When it ended, he smiled brightly at his lover then gave her a big hug. After everyone went to the bed, Leo wanted to show Erica just how much he loved her and meant to him.

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: "mm hmm Martins gals are a handful but dont let them go. " he agrees - sort of then admitting he'd not refuse any blessings in years to come - he knew little about Leo but he seemed sincere... Though he knew his daghter and she had not shown interest in guys before... So he surmised she had no intention of lettig go. He huffed a bit at the youths but with a roll of eyes chuckled "seriously nothing worse than that unless your in a room"

[Bookmark] Leonardo "You have my word, sir," Leo said with a small chuckle and a slight blush.

[Bookmark] Erica The kiss was delicious and not just cause of th shared drink flavours there was trust and love ad all thos promises of future days thy would share. It was warming in the belly. She grins at him keen to clam they were tired and drag him off - sniggering at her dad. "oh please all those times you and mum do it in the kitchen. " she teases still smiling at Leo

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie: "oh please its not that nad

[Bookmark] Erica: Bad*

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: "HA! Sometimes I wonder if your feeding each other!" the older woman croaks with laughter.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol! Kissing or something ELSE in the kitchen?

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank: snorting out a chortle Hank rolled his eyes, "at leaaaast the poor boy knows what he is getting into. " he says. Trying to keep dignity on he kissing thing.

[Bookmark] Erica: Pffft Ida and Ee might have caght them makin)out on the table top [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica she giggled and nestled closer to Leo her own cheeks still pink.

[Bookmark] Erica: Heeheh yep they just said it was making out

[Bookmark] Erica: If there had not been interruption whom knows?

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo just smiled at the family. He was feeling more and more comfortable with them. They accepted him. He never thought it would be that easy. He knew he made the right decision with Erica. He pulled Erica closer to him.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: Ida: with a glance at the time she scooped up her cup and stood stretching... "well I am for ned... As amusing as this all is... " she moves to hug her daughter and son in law "glad yous are home." then the other pair hoping she caught Leonardo unpreparrd for it. "try not to keep him up too long.. Stamina aside young man is a early rising busy ninja" she winks and makes her way to kitchen first to place dish away thn moving to room waving merry Tatas to the family

[Bookmark] Erica: Yeeeep lol things might have gone past make out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Trixie&Hank: "goodnight mum" both had said amid glads to be home... And they were Trixie grinning at the younger couple. "wow... See told you skippin the, 'shower' at the airport and a few extra dollars was worth the early fligjt - to think we could have missed meeting you. " she had slapped her husbands knee and then grinnedat Leo finihin)her Bandy coffee knowing they should all be getting to bed soon

[Bookmark] Erica: Hank watched Ida go chuckling gulping the last of his own drink rolling cup between his hands no longer awkward as it had been watching the youths. "yep totally right... " though still a little pouty at having skipped that shower

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo said goodnight to Ida and then grinned at the other couple. "It was great meeting you two, also. Have a good night." Then he gave Erica a one-armed hug again. "Are you ready, Erica?" He gave her a slightly naughty grin when no one was looking.

[Bookmark] Erica Sniggering and pulled closer her kiss met a green cheek... proud of her parents for overcoming the fear and freak out that had been here at first. Turning a naughty grin on Leo and nodding "I am.. Alwas ready" oh yeah always. She hugs then slips free to stand as Trixie and Hank did to catch them in a hug too very glad they where home safe. Letting them go - giggling when Trixie hugged Leo and then caught her husbands hand to drag him off to bed - keen for rheir bed as much as Erica knew she and Leo were for their own. She moves back to offer a hand. "lets go then?"

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol not the only couple wanting some... Naghty time [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo stood up only to be hugged by Trixie. He returned it with one arm then smiled at the woman. Then he bowed his head and told both goodnight before turning his attention back to Erica. The grin was back. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

[Bookmark] Erica "that we should celebrate how well this went?" Erica purrs with a teasing sashaying walk towards... Their room... She no longer considered the space merely her own no more

[Bookmark] Erica: Heehh sashay mmm hmm hips dont lie?

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned at her. "Hmm, something like that." Then he ran after her, scooping her up in her arms and carried her to their bedroom. Once in there, he dropped her on the bed and went back over to the door to close it.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: in his arms*

[Bookmark] Erica Erica had not expected that! Squeaking out a peal of giggles - watching from the bed as her mate closed the door - she props herself on elboys one knee half up, the robe in disaray shoulders bared and half opened thanks to the drop to the bed. She made no move the correct it

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol eager Leo? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: A bit. [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Hehehe all that hip wrigglingprob didnt help huh? *waggles brows*

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: [big grin] teens

[Bookmark] Leonardo After the door was closed, Leo turned to Erica and grinned before coming over to the bed again. Then he leaned over and kissed her deeply while trying to loosen the robe on her further.

[Bookmark] Erica a deep moan reaching to tug his bandana off letting it go onto the bed beside them - her robes single knot no real barrier to his hands - happy to meet that kiss, deepen it more hands sliding over skin to find and work on the gear he had put back on - she was naked beneath the robe.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo finally finished getting the robe off her and let his hands wander over her top half while she worked to get his own gear off. If she needed help, he would definitely assist her. But he was enjoying her undressing him immensely.

[Bookmark] Erica helping wriggle and lifting hips so robe could be shoved away her pwn fingers gently easing knots letting sholder strap fall before dropping to work on belt and lower letting those drop too once lose. "mmmmm" immensely enjoying his touch

[Bookmark] Leonardo: I think I better head off now. *snugs* [big grin]

[Bookmark] Erica: Okay [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Night night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Leonardo left the chat 88 days ago

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[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 87 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo joined the chat 87 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: Hi

[Bookmark] Erica: Hehe

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo nuzzled her gently as he let her undress him. Once most of his gear was off, he kneeled between her legs on the bed and resumed kissing her.

[Bookmark] Erica ooooh boy did nuzzling make her heart melt?! Contrasting with the way it wanted to thud away excited by his touch, the closeness of him knelt where he was. Catching and sucking in that tongue as kissing resumed Erica delighted in teasing the skin along plastron edges with fingers and his calves with her toes!

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol under the sea!

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 87 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [smile]

[Bookmark] Erica: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo was more than already turned on by her in so many ways. He was so glad they were alone again. Leo wanted to give her something special tonight after the confessions of their love for one another.

[Bookmark] Erica Erica purrs sucking the tongue before letting it escape and breaking the kiss moving the soft light smocches down the middle of his chin and slowly down throat, content to just kiss, taste skin, touch light around the edges of plastron, frist the top, and around edges near shoulders tot he bridging part of his body armour that connected carapace to plastron then down around his thighs side light stroking, light touching "I... am proud of you all, you, my folks... tonight was very nerve wracking for you all... yous all were so admirably cool..." she whispers nibbling his admas apple.

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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

Post by Erica Martins on Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:15 am

Leonardo Leo smiled and moaned softly. "It...wasn't so bad. I like your parents...and your grandmother." Then he chuckled lightly. "I just can't believe you're completely mine. I mean...I've been accepted by your family."

[Bookmark] Erica "Yes... am all yours -" she moans with him, lightly sucking the sensitive spot of his neck, "they like you." she purrs so softly toes having met the insides of his knees her inner thighs in the moements of toes over his calves bruhsing along his outter thighs.

[Bookmark] Erica: did it! moved the rest of bbEe and Leo's... whatever they do from here on into a naughty so he can go get very gropey now [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Yay! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: hehehe [wink] it's 'Tidal' - go for it Leo [twisted]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned chuckling between moans. "This...this definitely calls for a celebration." He moved further up her body, straddling her hips and kissed her again. He moved his hand to her breast and gently squeezed one.

[Bookmark] Erica "mmmm" Erica agrees her breath catching her back aching a little as his hand takes her breast. "yes -must... celebrate..." fingers brushing over his thighs as he moves. Straddling her.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned again, glancing down the front of him. "Your grandmother may have walked in on me that one time, but she will never see it like you have." Then he looked up at her and smiled. "That is for your eyes only, Erica." He leaned up and kissed her once more. He shifted a little on his knees and brought his tail forward to let his member extend for her to touch and caress and...whatever else she wanted to do to him. He remained straddling her and played with her breasts with both hands now.

[Bookmark] Erica "Only for my eyes..." Her eyes followed his her hands sliding back up along those muscles those squeezing the meat, letting her soft belly sking brush his tail and length first as it rose, "and my handssssss." drawing the last letting out to mimic the first stroke over that length her very finger tips applied. Her nipples were becoming hard once more, the color of them darkening a little as arousal rose once more. "yesss... all my beautiful turtle..."

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo moaned softly and began churring at her gentle touches. "All yours..." He loved her so much. He would literally give her anything she wanted - if there was any way he could. "I couldn't be happier right now."

[Bookmark] Erica She changes her gentle stroking half way grabbing the cock in a tight two handed grip and tugging towards the head - hoping to catch him off guard by doing so. "Mine - mmmm my lion of sex god." She shivers nipples so hard and peaking any touch made her breath hitch, "neither could I be happier -" hands massaging.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo let out a gasped and another churr when she tugged on him. He moved further up her body but still stayed on his knees. Her strokes and tugs was turning him on so much, if she kept it up, he would cum in no time.

[Bookmark] Erica Erica gave Leo a naughty grin her back arched so bringing breasts into his hands more now placed his being tugged and massaged cock at the perfect spot all he had to do was squish said breasts around himself. Her belly brushed his tail. Her lips - she bent in the middle to blow a kiss to the very head.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo knew what she wanted and he was anxious to try it. He smiled down at her and squeezed her breasts around his cock and very slowly moved his hips. He moaned softly, churring.

[Bookmark] Erica she loved how easy it was to communicate to Leo - even without words and know what each other wanted. It was a curious feeling - him sliding between her breasts, but warm and sweet the sensation, her heart thudding beneath skin. She waits til his thrust brought his cock head right to her letting the head slid into her mouth - sucking.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned at her, loving this new feeling. He kept his movements smooth and slow as he fucked her breasts. He very gently kneaded each one with his hands as he moved between them.

[Bookmark] Erica mouth so stuffed she could not exactly grin back, but her eyes met Leo's and she hums - mouth, breasts all vibrating the happy sound aound the cock delightfully teasing between her breasts and whose head currently filled her mouth!

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo continued his slow movements. Her mouth felt so wonderful on him, but he didn't want to accidentally choke her. He moaned softly as his churring intensified.

[Bookmark] Erica: lol accidentally choke her - [tongue] funneh mental image

[Bookmark] Erica Her soft gasps as breasts where kneeaded made the hums skip and hitch, but she noted his churrs grew and tightens her mouth about him teeth scraping gently over the sentive head her hands joining his for a moment squishing breasts tighter about him, but then sliding down to cup and stroke his tail, one sliding lower to tease herself.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: OKay, gonna head off this one. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Erica: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [smile]

[Bookmark] Leonardo left the chat 87 days ago

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[Bookmark] Erica: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 86 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo joined the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo moaned softly and stopped moving so he didn't accidentally hurt her. He continued to knead her breasts and gently roll her nipples between his fingers. He never dreamed that this would feel so good.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Hihi

[Bookmark] Erica he stopped moving... But his hads continued making her wriggle and moan about the very full mouth she had - her own wriggles somewhat replaced the thtusts keeping her breasts squished and moving around him - sucking harder upon the cock head filling, much harder...

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol surprise him? [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo slowly began moving again, but he kept his pace steady. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold back. He was so close to his release, but he didn't think Erica was that close yet. Shifting a little on her, he reached behind him to finger her a little.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: filling, huh? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica her gasp was muffled - very muffled. Her wriggling had a distinct buck towards his finger as it joined hers in the light teasing she had been giving her smaller hand slipped away to bring the breast he left around that green length aware now her noises muffled so would vibrate around him and making no effort to stop them taking the head deeper. Close enough to release.

[Bookmark] Erica: Very filling [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo And Leo was there! He cried out against his own arm as he released, stopping his movements once again so he could concentrate on bringing her over the edge with him.

[Bookmark] Erica: She would not be far behind - her own teasing befire his more determined fingering certainly nothing she could hold off against - or tried very hard to do admittedly - he came deliciously filling her mouth - her own cry nothing more yhan a noise in her throat ... particularly as she was swallowing... cumming wet and shuddering to his finger

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled at her, panting. "Love you..." Then he shifted so he could kiss her on the lips. He could taste both of them in it and he churred, grinning. "Are you okay?"

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol perfect [big grin]

[Bookmark] Erica she had moments as he moves to pant a little shaky arms wrapping about shoulders meeting the liss eagerly finding her voice somewhere in that kissing "love... You... Mmmm hmmm very... Okay" enjoying shared flavors and Feelings in the kiss

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned down at her. "Good." Then he moved off her and laid down next to her. He propped his head up on his arm and smiled at her. "That felt great."

[Bookmark] Erica her arm still were too shaky to be proper props so Erica dragged her pillow collection closer to provide the same prop - after a grin and giggle moving to rest body against his "mmm yes we are rather talented at pleasing each other -" voice full of warmth and amused affect

[Bookmark] Erica -ion* chasing a kiss to his snout.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo chuckled, giving her another smooch on her lips. "We are, but you're better than I am. I'm just a quick-study," he added with a wink. He reached over with his hand and caressed her cheek. "I still can't believe your parents accepted me already."

[Bookmark] Erica: Mwhahaah [big grin] SimLeo just got eaten by the cowberry plant [tongue] lucky it will spit him out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica "mmm I think that is a case of us both being gufted quick learners... and eager ones at that" her voice purred and she nuzzled his hand reahing hers to brush over hi s wrist and over forearm "that might be because of me - but could be the calming effect you have on others.. " she presses a kiss to palm smiling at him enjoying the contact and chance so close to admire the blue eyes.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: I sent the SimLeo to bubble bath to shake off the experience

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned broadly. He could look at this woman all day. "Maybe. But it seems like both of our families are fine with our relationship. Master Splinter would love to meet you." He reached out to take her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Would you like to go meet him tomorrow?"

[Bookmark] Erica "they better be - would love you anyways." she threads her fingers between his thumb brushinh hat of his knuckles she could reach with her thumb. "..i would love too!" she squeaks excited by the notion. Then looked unnerved a litle "hope he like me."

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo chuckled softly. "He'll love you. Trust me." He leaned over and kissed her lips again. "He...already knows a lot about us. I mean...what we have done." He blushed a little. "He caught me coming home yesterday morning. But he wasn't mad. He seemed almost intrigued." Then Leo smiled. "He wants to meet you."

[Bookmark] Erica Erica felt giggles welling up and smothered them by smooching his smile her nerves for the moment stilled. "i guess you and your brothers and father have great senses of smell... " she watches his face her own smile growing wider - "what intrigueds your father about... Us?" she felt less nervous about the idea of meeting her beloveds dads

[Bookmark] Leonardo "He wants to meet the young woman who stole my heart," Leo said simply with a wink. "And yeah, we all have enhanced senses of smell. But Master Splinter's is the strongest. Even after our shower, he still smelled what we did." Then he chuckled again. "And then...things became awkward. At least on my part." At least in the case of Erica's parents, they only could speculate what happened between her and Leo. With Splinter, the evidence was picked up by smell.

[Bookmark] Erica "i am sorry not to have ben present to buffer some of the awkward -even the teasing tonight could not do much but make me proud I did steal the lions heart -" she grins loving when Leo chuckled. The easy comforting sense of togetherness between them

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled warmly. "We should think about getting some sleep now. I have to be up early in the morning again." He moved closer to her and laid his head on the pillow, slipping his arm around her. "Maybe we can play again in the morning before I have to leave."

[Bookmark] Erica she snogged him shifting as Leo did to get into best position for him to hold her tight as he wished... Her back to his plastron in a spooned position that was wonderfully comfy pillow head more on him than pillows. "mmm i like that - better waaa-ke up than coffeee. " a happy murmur as she begins to drift at once sated, safe and very comfy in his hold.

[Bookmark] Erica: Our happy pair [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo got comfy next to Erica and kept his arm around her as his own eyes gradually closed. "Goodnight, my love."

[Bookmark] Erica "mmmnnnighlov... " something in another language in the tail end of whispers.

[Bookmark] Erica: No swear words! Lol

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Sooooo night completed. [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Lol they'll sleep deep deeeep

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Mm-hmm [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: We'll have to get MS back in the game. [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: Yes! I poked - lets hope can move our spacey and this pne soon!

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Erica: Hehe yes shenanigans are good!

[Bookmark] Erica: Always enjoy more shenanigans

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Yep. [smile] I'm gonna get off here. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Erica: Kk *hugs*

[Bookmark] Erica: Nightie night!

[Bookmark] Erica left the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo left the chat 84 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica joined the chat 83 days ago

[Bookmark] Leonardo joined the chat 83 days ago

[Bookmark] Erica: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Leonardo: hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Erica: [smile]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Is your turn?

[Bookmark] Erica: Yep one mo got a call [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Okay. [smile]

[Bookmark] Erica: Back! Hehehe had to write down truck arrival times [big grin]

[Bookmark] Erica: Okay Ee first

[Bookmark] Leonardo: wb [smile]

[Bookmark] Erica: Ty [big grin] damn call - playing with iPad here! No time for work calls! [tongue]

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PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet the Fockers! (BbLeo&Ee, Ida, Trixie&Hank)

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