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PassionedFruits. Meet The Master (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter) Empty PassionedFruits. Meet The Master (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter)

Post by Erica Martins on Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:22 am

Tonight was the night. It was the night when Master Splinter and Erica would meet. It made Leo very anxious. Her parents were so wonderful and accepting of him, so Leo was sure Splinter would approve of Erica. He already knew a little about her, after all. But, as all meetings are, it still made Leo nervous. He wanted this night to go perfectly. He was just finishing getting ready and then called out to his father, "Master Splinter, are you ready?" He was pacing by the door, trying to calm his nerves.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter He had his best robe on. And had already put his 'hair' into it's top bun. Whiskers and ears were clean. He was a little worried he might frighten the girl. Rats alone tended to weird some people out. A giant walking talking mutant one? Well that could just be faint or heart stopping scare worthy. Though his nervousness he felt he ws concealing rather well, and he certainly was less nervous than Leonardo. He had silently left his space and paused in the doorway to watch his eldest son pace. a tad amused. He waits for Leonardo to announce his ready and ask after his own before answering. "I am Leonardo. Perhaps we should make haste before you wear a track in the floor there." He points out the pacing in a joking manner. "You nervous?" the obvious question, that would have a obvious response but it might help Leonardo overcome the nervousness.

[Bookmark] Erica: dawwww [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Leonardo Was it too obvious? Of course it was. "A little, Sensei. I mean, I know everything will be fine. You know about her and she knows about you." Then he paused and rubbed the top of his head. "Why am I so worried?" he asked, mostly to himself under his breath.

[Bookmark] Erica Erica herself fretted. Would her cloths make her look... easy?... or little girl -ish? she stares at the simple jeans and open back top in the mirror of her room. a sigh. She had never been one for make up - the most she put on was lip balm and she and Leo both had a habit of licking that off. Well serve her right for choosing fruity flavors she supposed... but she sooo enjoyed the sometimes added zing of apple or grape to Leo flavor. Shrugging and hoping she looked presentable Erica left her (shockingly) tidy room looking about her apartment. It was quiet. Her folks and Gran had agreed this meet and greet should be just her and Leonardo and his father, like it had been for he and them. though it had not been planned. She headed to make sure they had tea bags in the kitchen.

[Bookmark] Erica: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter Splinter smiled, grown up a he was Leonardo was still just a teenager. And moments like these certainly did remind the rat of such and made him glad. "Of course it will be alright." He nods - the other brothers took little interest in their going, as Master Splinter and Leonardo had said it was just a training exercise. "Lead the way out... maybe if we start in that direction you can tell me what makes you anxious?" He offers opening the floor for Leonardo to think about and maybe figure out what worried him about the introductions. It could help.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: hehehee

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lool fruity lip balm [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: hehehe well she also likes it getting smeared other places too she can lick off - but she's trying not to think that!! - gotta behave!

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: Bwhah hah hah [big grin]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: lol

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: shockingly tidy room lool - bit messy usually?

[Bookmark] Erica: usually

[Bookmark] Erica: [wink]

[Bookmark] Erica: hehehe fruity lip balm - bet she not the only ones that likes licky huh? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo smiled at his father as they headed out. "It's just I want things to be perfect. Her parents didn't intend to see me last night. I'm glad we did, though. They're really great people." He smiled at the memory.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter "Your concern is valid Leonardo, and you know as I do even the most intricately planned plans sometimes do not go the way we hope - but from what you have told me, even if not we will meet well and have a good time." He assures walking along at an easy pace - they would hurry a bit when they get topside and have to move to the roof tops. "Well you know where the girl got her calm over being around mutants from then, I am glad they behaved." He chuckles looking up at Leo as they moved through the labyrinth like tunnels, storm drains and sewers towards a closer man hole cover. "All that pacing, it's not like you are proposing tonight Leonardo, deep breaths... unless something else about this possible face to face troubles you?"

[Bookmark] Master Splinter Encouraging more chatter.

[Bookmark] Erica: lol stop teasing him Splinty [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica oky kettle was full and fresh and the herbal tea collection box was near and cups clean. She stood in the quiet kitchen not sure what else to do - but a glance at the clock and she hopped a little on the spot in surprise, she should head up to the roof top garden now! So flicking the kettle on to boil Erica smooths the front of her shirt unnecessarily and scurries off to the stair case that led upwards to the roof and it's over flowing full garden.

[Bookmark] Erica: fyi the current 2k12 Leo voice actor in Buffy is soooo cute [smile]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lol that was random - maaaan have not seen that show in like - forever [smile]

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo's eyes widened. "What...? N-no!" Oh, man. Is that was it looked like? Sure, he and Erica did pledge their love to one another last night, but he didn't propose to her...yet. It was still too early to even consider that. He had just met her two nights ago. But, still... "I really do like her, Master Splinter." That came out pretty lame, he thought. He cleared his throat and tried again. It seemed like he was more nervous about the way over to Erica's home than anything else. These new kind of heart-to-heart talks with his father were still a bit foreign to Leo. It was awkward...even though Splinter had done nothing but show encouragement. Leo smiled softly. "I just can't help it, Sensei. Every time I'm around her, I just want to show her how much I care. I'll do anything for her."

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Oh? Siterniklaas(sp?) is in Buffy? O.o

[Bookmark] Leonardo: LOL Wait.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Scratch that. I thought you meant 2003 series. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: lol no no Seth Green [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Seth Green is in Buffy? O.o I didn't know that.

[Bookmark] Erica: yep he is Oz the werewolf [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Ooooh.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: oh man I recall him best in With A Paddle [big grin] funneh movie that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: but yes remember Oz the werewolf [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter Chuckling Splinter waves a hand. "I am glad to hear it - yous are too young and too new to being together to take such a step. Although sometimes you just know - you know?" the old rat master was highly amused, and it showed he was grinning and whisker twitched and ears were up, tail flicked side to side his grin softening and he looks up at his son. "I will give you a more firm assurance after I met the girl but i am certain she knows Leonardo. And probably feels the same way... anyway a bit of nervousness is good." He chuckles again and spying their designated ladder to the topside lengthens strides a little. "I would hazard a guess she feels the same way around you." Even before truly meeting the girl face to face.

[Bookmark] Erica: Awwwwwwwwwwww - Ee melted into ee goo

[Bookmark] Erica: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: [wink]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Will he be giving both of them "the talk"? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: he miiiight [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: just to see em blush

[Bookmark] Erica She was pacing a little on the pathway oh boy oh boy what if Splinter didn't like her? she was even stumbling a little bit on her feet and decided she should stop pacing, just stand and try to be... coooool

[Bookmark] Erica yeah cooool.

[Bookmark] Erica: Oh! sooo ebil!

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo felt a bit better now. "Yeah." He climbed the ladder first, removed the cover and helped his father out of the hole. Then he pointed to the next building over and the ladder that would take them up to her roof. "It's this way, Sensei. We're almost there."

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter the grin grew and Splinter followed Leo glad for the lift out at the last moment because old joints sometimes just made the rat master sigh or grunt in some discomfort. He waits for Leo to cover the hole back in and heads towards the fire escape of the building Leo pointed out. "I am pleased you wished to please her so Leonardo, it speaks to honesty and genuine desire to be with her. I know tv and movies and magazines state what ladies really want and lots of other baloney but in my one woman experience, just wanting to be with her is generally enough to make a girl truely happy. Especially if she loves you." He chatters old and sometimes stiff as he was scaling the fire escape and wall pretty easily.

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo remained close to his father as they climbed up to the roof. "That's all I want, Master Splinter." Of course, there were other things he also wanted to do with her, but he agreed to be on his best behavior tonight. Tomorrow night he could have her all to himself again and please her in ways that only he could. Finally they made it. Leo took Splinter's hand gently and lead him over to the passion fruit flowers that he loved so much. "This is where I met her." He smiled fondly at the memory then he saw Erica and brought Splinter over to her. "Erica...this is my father, Master Splinter."

[Bookmark] Erica they had come almost silently, if she had not become used to 'feeling' when Leo's arrived she might have missed the soft murmurr of voices among the cities ambient back ground ever present bustle of noise. She knew they could see her in the dim outdoor garden lights here and there and some of them mostly grown over. Her usual pleased to see Leo grin becomes a curious smile and she moves closer. To the passionfruit area, a smile, where she and Leo met - it was a most appropriate spot. "Anata ni ai ni kite, sensei." a bow, glad to note her previous klutziness seemed to have faded.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter And splinter tooook a deep appreciative breath of the foliage, those untamed left to grow little blooms - ... "mmmmm it is a lovely place, I guess this garden originally drew you here?" He managed to half ask half muse as they both wait, then she came... and Splinter was not sure what to expect, some sort of freak out - but he had a vague idea what she looked like. It was her manners and the way she greeted him that took the rat master back. He chuckles, pleased and bows back.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: dang it now have to google translate! [tongue] one min

[Bookmark] Master Splinter "Anata, Erika." He returns straightening from the bow. "You speak japanese well child. I am glad. Leonardo did not tell me this, though I see he did not exaggerate your beauty." He compliments. Feeling whatever nervousness he had previously vanish. Completely gone.

[Bookmark] Erica: lol! oooh sorry um really should translate these as we go for all our sakes uh? - but it was just pleased to meet you Sensei [big grin]

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PassionedFruits. Meet The Master (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter) Empty Re: PassionedFruits. Meet The Master (BbLeo&Ee, Splinter)

Post by Erica Martins on Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:25 am

Master Splinter: oooh well glad I guessed right, I just wrote 'and you, Erica.' lol [wink] but yes for all us i think translations!

[Bookmark] Erica: lool Ee agrees with Leo - only he does please her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Erica: hehehe *ebil giggles*

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: lool

[Bookmark] Leonardo Leo grinned, pleased how the meeting was going. Well, it had just started and so far, it was going great. Splinter may have had all of his nervousness vanish, but Leo still had some of his own. It was better, and ebbing away further while seeing Splinter and his love interact. He definitely thought he made the right choice now.

[Bookmark] Erica Erica caught Leo's grin and grinned back, the flush in her cheeks growing, but oh she seemed to have started out well. She half mumbles a squeeeee and then collects herself, "Your... very cute for a ninja master." She beams, then looks unsure, "I mean that in a good cute way, always found mice and rats cute... uh..." fumbling a little a sheepish grin to Leo and gesturing, "Come in, come in, I have tea." Trying to regain the 'cool' she had, and not expose how nervous of worried the kindly sounding rat man might take her cute as something bad. She sure hoped not, moving closer so hers and Leo's hands brushed finding his and squeezing.

[Bookmark] Leonardo: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: I'm gonna need to head off here in a bit. Gotta get up early in the morning. [wink]

[Bookmark] Master Splinter "Oh... thanks." Splinter chuckles grinning. "I always thought I looked adorable." He agrees trying to put the girl more at ease and thoroughly amused by her sudden fumbling, ha she was as nervous as Leonardo clearly. "the te way inside as long as we go the long way - this garden is beautiful." He adds taking a deep breath again - really enjoying the space.

[Bookmark] Master Splinter: no worries I shoooould be getting to next lecture [big grin]

[Bookmark] Leonardo: Sooooo, next time?

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