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Casey Jones

Casey Jones. (Canon) Tmntca10


New York City


Hockey Boy (by Hun)
CaveMouth (Don)

Weapon(s) of choice.

Hockey Sticks
Baseball Bat
Homemade taser
Spray paint grenades, Explosive pucks
"Padlock of Doom"
Flame throwing bike
Photon Pucks


Student, vigilante.


Ninja Turtles







Hair color.

Black. Sometimes wears a black and white bandana.

Eye color.



Not much is known about Casey Jones, except for the fact that he clearly knows about the existence of mutants. Casey has created his own arsenal of weapons, which he uses against his enemies; mutants and criminals alike. It is hinted that he has been down in the sewers and he might even have his own lair set up down there. In the online comic, Casey had spray painted "Jones is Everywhere" with his iconic hockey mask tagged next to it, possibly indicating that he goes go down there occasionally... Is Left handed.


Casey seems to be a bit arrogant, a bit flirty (at least around April), quite inattentive to his school work, and he thinks highly of himself. Even with his first encounter with April, he managed to show how involved he is with himself and the fact that he thinks little of others. But he admits that he does need a tutor, as he wishes to stay on his hockey team. And while he tended to aggravate April a bit during their tutor session, he tried in his own way to be friendly and get her to enjoy herself with something besides just books. He also shows a sense of "empathy" when she shows to be exhausted from that day, and reaches out to wipe a smudge off of her face.

During their encounter with the Mutagen Man, Casey became protective over April and tried his best to watch out for her. He was also very impressed by how April fights - and he then asks if encounters like with Mutagen Man happen frequently. When she answers "too often", the idea seems to excite him.


Custom Painted Goalie Mask
Skull Face Paint
Hockey Glove
Laird's Hockey Blocker Glove - with spikes
Homemade Taser - a potato masher rigged with 9volt batteries on a drawer track with springs
Padlock of Doom - a lock tied up to a handkerchief
Bunch of Keys
Custom Sheaths - made out of belts and duck tape
Paint Grenades - spray cans
Wooden Baseball Bat
Eastman's Wooden Hockey Stick
Wooden Goalie Stick
Wooden Cricket Bat
Custom Skates
Spiky Pads
Fire Breathing Bicycle
Hockey Pucks
Explosive Hockey Pucks
Protective Cup
Space Suit.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones

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