Fugitoid, Professor Zayton Honeycutt (Canon)

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Fugitoid, Professor Zayton Honeycutt (Canon) Empty Fugitoid, Professor Zayton Honeycutt (Canon)

Post by Fugitoid on Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:16 pm

Zayton Honeycutt.


The Fugitoid. Fugidude.

Fugitoid, Professor Zayton Honeycutt (Canon) Fugitoid_and_tardis_by_candykappa-d9g4s3u


Scientific Genius

Weapon(s) of choice.

Hand Blaster
Fusion Reactor Core.




Cyborg, (current)
D'Hoonibian. (former)


Identifies as Male, (Current)
Male. (former)



Hair color.

(As a human) White.

Eye color.



Honeycutt prior to becoming the Fugitoid, aka Professor Zayton Honeycutt was an alien from the planet D'Hoonib, a planet of humanoid scientists (himself included) obsessed with penetrating the highest truths of the universe. He had been at the time working on a new form of psionic technology when the Triceratons came looking for him. They tried to force Honeycutt to build them weapons and when he refused, they attacked him, destroying everything in sight, including his body. To save his life, Honeycutt's robot assistant placed Zayton's brain in its own robot body. A man merged with machine, he was reborn as a cyborg. When the Triceratons found out he was still alive, they deemed him a criminal; A Fugitive Android. Thus he was called the Fugitoid. In spite of his hardships, Professor Honeycutt eventually found friendly allies in the Utroms, and Bishop in particular, who aid him in his efforts against the Triceratons.


In spite of his hardships, Fugitoid has a very optimistic outlook on life and appreciates what he has. Professor Honeycutt is an intelligent, charming, helpful, and friendly being who rarely gets angry about anything. He enjoys making new friends and is very protective of them, giving them thoughtful and helpful advice on their missions. He is also very lenient and generous to those who he considers his friends, as he allowed the Turtles, April, and Casey to freely take whatever they please from his storage room. Though he has android body, Honeycutt cherishes his humanity and does not want to be thought of as just a machine.

A self-proclaimed pacifist, he always seeks to achieve peace and diplomacy with whatever creature that crosses his path, and will only attack when he is left with no other option. His intellect is unmatched, even by Donatello, and he enjoys sharing his vast knowledge of the universe with his friends. His greatest fear is losing his humanity and control of his android body; truly becoming a machine, mentally and physically.


Prior to his reincarnation, Honeycutt looked identical to that of a human, which is standard for D'hoonibians. He specifically looked like an older, middle aged man.

As the Fugitoid, he has the appearance of a slender-built technologically advanced android. For the most part, he has a simple body structure, with a rounded head and armored arms and legs. His current body is made primarily of a opalescent white "plastic-like" material. His eyes are glassy lightboard dark with orange lights. his eyes and mouth are made of lighted bulb pixels, which change shape to animate his implied facial expressions.

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