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Hamato Donatello

Don, Donnie, DonnieT, D, Brainiac, Genius, Dork, Nerd... So on and So forth.




March 23 1999, 17 years old.


Mutated red ear slider turtle.


Student, Vigilante. Engineer, family medic, inventor and handy man.

Place of Residence: 

The Lair.



Spoken Languages: 

English, Japanese, Spanish and 'Technobabble'



General Appearance:

At 5'8", Donatello is the tallest of his brotherhood and perhaps it is because he is taller he looks leanest ''lanky'. Along with losing the vibrant yellow stripes that his normal hatchling form once sported, his skin became micro-scaled during mutation giving him a very smooth texture. His olive green skin is micro scaled, softer than normal reptiles and mottled in places with darker 'scales' that is stronger than human skin.

Donatello has reddish-brown inquisitive eyes that would appear to unlock the mystery of anything by simply gazing upon it. Always he is over analyzes something or becoming lost in thoughts. Also has a goofy smile that displays the gap between his two front teeth, something he was mutated with and often feels self conscious about.

Usually always wearing his training pads, his purple bandanna and white wrappings around his wrists, brown leather twine around his lower legs and around the bottom of his heals. This is to protect his feet from the muck and debris that washes in through the sewer grates as shoes just aren't an option the look is completed by the Bo staff that usually adorns his back, held in place by a leather strap connected to his belt.


Inquisitive by nature, growing up Donatello was curious about everything, always interested in the science of things and discovering what made them 'tick'. Many a radios, video game systems and other electronics and appliances often fell victim to his curious nature. Being a quick learner and possessing an incredibly high IQ, reassembling the devices that he took apart came with great ease, much to his father's relief. His eagerness and inquisitiveness lead an understanding that would classify him as a genius. When he sets his mind on a project, he usually sees it through despite any setbacks or distractions. Most of them brother related.

The purple-clad Turtle is the most reserved of his brothers. Being shy around strangers, he is usually quiet and stand-offish and is typically content with fading into the background. However, around family and friends, can fall into geek babble which his brothers then all tell him he needs to dumb down... Or speak English...


 * April O'Neil, The Brainy Reptile has had a serious 'love at first sight' crush on her.

* Technology and Science. Anything and everything, delves into learning and rarely forgets anything he learns.

* Junkyards. Mmm hmm one humans waste could be the treasure for a mutant turtle whom would then recycle it into something useful.

*Quiet time in his lab, with a deep cup of hot coffee.

* Books!! Non fiction the best!

* Coffee!! It is said he bleeds like liquid ambrosia. Silly of course.

*Computers. What he considers one of the greatest inventions ever made. His PC is his window to the world and he has developed a passion for repairing the salvageable ones that he has rescued from the junkyard.

 * Family Feuds, fights and disagreements, most passive of his brothers, Donatello would prefer to avoid arguments and disagreements.

* Being put on the spot. Sometimes his genius is taken for granted and now and then an unexpected twist would arise calling for questions he can answer... But does with as much snark as possible.

* Mikey's pranks-- While his little brother means well and his mischievous gestures are usually performed to lift team morale, sometimes the stunts are damaging. Many of his projects have been destroyed due to his little brother's mischievous nature.

*When good inventions go bad! This has happened more times than the Brainy Turtle would like to admit. But it does not discourage him. Even the few explosions his lab has seen in its day.

* Fighting. May be a trained ninja but prefers being diplomatic, though will fight when needed and fight hard.

* Having his staff referred to as a 'stick'!! It's a weapon!!

*Insults about his 'gap'.

*Shredder and their enemies. No surprise.


Master Splinter, was know as Hamato Yoshi as a human. Now a mutated rat raised them as his sons and is their ninjitsu Sensei.

*Leonardo, the leader and alpha turtle, the eldest.

*Raphael, second oldest, Raph is the muscle of the group, the enforcer and often has quiet a temper.

*Michelangelo, the 'baby' of the family, and all including Don himself despite Mikey's annoying habits of pranks and being over exuberant in every aspect of their adventures and lives - are protective of him.

Life started out as a normal red ear slider, a common species among the pet trade. However, fate dictated that he and his siblings were destined for something more. Fifteen years ago, he and his brothers were purchased by a man named Hamato Yoshi, whom upon leaving the pet store noticed somethingodd happening not far away and approached the scene. There was a scuffle, the little tank and a canister of glowing green goo was dropped, shattering beside them. Yoshi also came into contatheming the substance and a rat he'd shooed from scene. The transformation had been painful, but being so young Donatello and his brothers do not recall that part at all. 

Yoshi took his new family to the sewer and found a safe place to raise them, leaving not only human life behind but also his human name renaming himself 'Splinter'. As his boys grew older, Splinter trained them in Ninjitsu, an Japanese martial art preparing them for a world that they would always have to defend themselves against. For fifteen years, Splinter protected his family underground, forbidding them from venturing to the world above, but the ninja master knew that the day would come when he could no longer shelter them. On their fifteenth 'mutation day', a day when they had all changed, finally granted his teenage boys permission to venture topside, and bombarded them with warnings, from strangers to the uncleanliness of public bathrooms.

Of course their first trip above ground wasn't uneventful. Along with being introduced to pizza, Donatello's whole world changed when he laid eyes on April for the first time. Not only was the red-head the first girl he had ever seen, but she became his first crush. It was the first time he had experienced what is often referred to as 'butterflies in your stomach', or experienced that warm tingly feeling that seemed to debilitate him.

Feelings that would only get stronger as the girl became a fast friend of theirs, and through all their adventures. Though also in contest over her affections with a loose canon of a friend whom came into their lives during a period when April was not talking to them due to accidental mutation of her father, Kirby O'Neil. Casey Jones and Donatello are able to get along when the competitiveness for April is not a matter of contention. Playful insults and teasing and fun. Mostly.

Now the team of six faces an uncertain adventure into space, the world, their families... All lost and a rare second chance bestowed upon them by a cyborg that came to their rescue just in time... 

In time...

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