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Donatello Hamato

Don, Donnie, Genius, Techno-geek, Brainiac, Dr D.


17 years old.


Student of Ninjutsu, inventor, engineer, family doctor!!


A disused subterranean subway station.

Physical Description:

Donatello is a giant walking, talking mutated turtle. He stands approximately around 6-feet tall and he has brown eyes. His reptilian skin is olive-green, and his body has a fair share of battle-scars from over the years. He has a full shell; with three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. He is the leanest and just an inch shy of being the tallest. No quarter of a inch... if that. Perhaps time would afford him the last centimeters?

He is often seen - or not seen as in keeping with ninja lore - in an assortment of battle gear which includes: elbow and knee pads, belt, wrist wraps, and a purple ninja mask with very long tails that drape over his shoulder. Aside from that, he also wears shoes, a beaded necklace, headphones with a microphone around his neck, specially made techno-goggles, and a wrist communicator/ computer. He also wears a tech-pack on his shell that has a vast assortment of technology hooked to it for powering various devices. He also wears glasses with duct tape holding the frames together at the bridge.

Sometimes even he'll be seem carrying a large patched duffle bag. To fill with anything that could be recycled - as it is said one mans trash is a ... well could very well be a possible weapon or home making piece for a mutant turtle.


Donatello is usually very calm and rational, losing his temper is rare but if someone ( Mikey!! ) pushes his buttons then its the pil in the fire and shit hits the fan as the sayins go...

More of a pacifist at heart, one whom would rather debate and discuss, don't take him for a weakling, still willing to fight when the chips go down and will give an excellent account of himself whilst doing it!

On the whole is a solitary man, and is as pleasantly happy in the company of his family ( though sometimes they can be a bit much... Leo and Raph's arguments, Mikey's immature light hearted but annoying fun), but on the whole does enjoy being in his lab and working on the various projects he has going at the time. He sees his lab as a safe haven when things get too intense in the lair and he needs to get away for a while, a bit of a workaholic, this calms him down and provides distraction. Protective of his 'sanctuary' if not because of clumsy or temperamental brothers but also or their safety as some things in his lab could be of a danger without supervision.

Somewhat a geek, nerd and self taught engineer Donatello simply loves absorbing new information and expanding on his growing intellect in every possible way, experiencing, reading... watching discovery documentaries that reduce his brothers almost to tears of boredom. Along with being self taught inventor, engineer has aslo taught himself to be the family medic. Though his brothers and himself all have more than basic first aid knowledge and could all be on ground emergency aid in needed - Donatello took the necessity further knowing his families medically care could very well need him to know everything from doing their dental to ... other more private matters - ahem!.


Splinter, father and Sensei (nee Hamato Yoshi.)
Leonardo, eldest brother and team leader. (Don and Leo are usually though not always the tacticians in the group.)
Raphael, second-eldest brother. (The 'enforcer' of the group, strongest, big and brawny sometimes their personalities clash but both get along fine... most the time.)
Michelangelo, youngest brother. (Mike is probably the easiest one to get along with because of their shared love of technology, though little bro has a knack for destruction and will often be then evicted from the lab for some time.)


Don can only recall life after his mutation. But before that happened, Don was like most turtles in a pet shop. He was in an aquarium with several other aquatic turtles, blissfully unaware of what would happen to him very soon. A freak accident, really. But more on that later.

One day, he and three fellow hatchlings, his brothers, were bought a young boy bought the four turtles, only to loose them after the tank broke. At that time, a man named Hamato Yoshi discovered the Turtles and tried to scoop them up, only to come in contact with a mysterious chemical substance they called "ooze". The Turtles begin to mutate into who they are today. Hamato Yoshi, since he had just came in contact with a rat he had gently shooed away from the ooze, turned into an anthropomorphic rat. He became their adoptive father and sensei in ninjitsu from the moment they could handle the simplest of motions.. literally as soon as they could walk. When the boys grew older, Hamato Yoshi told him his side of the story. They discovered that they have an enemy in a man named Oroku Saki, who is now terrorizing the city. There might be a day when they will stand face to face with the Shredder/

Donatello is names after the great Italian scupltor, Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi. Who was later known as Donatello. As he grew, Donatello became fascinated by how things worked, taking apart appliances and other machines to find the inner-workings and adapted them to his own ideas, even as a child making toys for himself and his brothers, for instances a remote-controlled car he found parts for from the combination of a few different machines and his own findings down in the sewer. And from there skills were put forth into making small vehicles to get around in the sewers more efficiently, from motor-powered skateboards to what was a prototype go-cart, to making the lair over time more luxurious and functional, though admits even though it might have been his ideas a lot o the leg and grunt work his brothers and father put forth. With his growing knowledge and their help fixing and installing wiring for electricity, the plumbing, and anything else that was required to make living down in the sewers more managable, comfortable and enjoyable.

Onto creating his wearable tech pack and Mikey's skate board for use on the battle field.


*Computers and other technology, has a real knack for being able to figure out the most complex of systems.

*Reading, either recreational or research. He uses it to fine-tune his skills in whatever he does. Internet comes in really handy for this, too. Book-reading is also another favorite past time for him. Enoys the smell of books... though not those fished fresh from sewers drains.

*Inventing, is constantly coming up with new ideas for gadgets. Either existing ones or something completely different. Most only make it as far as sketches on the many clipped up in recycled binders on recycled papers. Some of it new thanks to April.

*Coffee, pretty much lives off the stuff. It helps him get through the most stressful situations and gives him energy to get things done. However, it has become so habit-forming for him that it works overtime and gets in the way of healthy sleep-patterns. And his brothers often tease if he was cut he'd bleed the stuff.

*Speaking in the mot verbose of ways, nothing confuses his brothers more than when Don goes into full "techno-geek mode". He could go on and on about how things work or how things are created.

*Exploring, one of his favorite things to do in a new location.

*Experimenting, the easiest way for him to learn practically anything.

*"Fixing/Repairing... upgrading?" as long as it's not a 'brother-related' incident, he'll gladly repair anything that needs it. He'll also make improvements to things as he sees fit.

*Junkyard and dumpster diving, where he'll find all sorts of useful things for inventions or even existing parts of technology. But that's not all he looks for. Simple things like furniture, clothing, dishes, books -- anything that can become useful to make their home more homely.


*People being unsupervised inside his lab, especially Mikey!! but any brother that goes in there without his permission will feel his wrath if something turns up missing or broken. Don has ways of finding out who went in there, so the 'offender' cannot hide.

*Things breaking, or more specifically brother/s breaks something out of curiosity, anger or just plain carelessness. For example, the poor TV remote has had its fair share of repairs due to being sat on when it disappears under the couch cushion numerous times. And the on going feud between Leonardo and the toaster.

*Being misunderstood, one of the biggest drawbacks of being a genius. Sometimes, no one understands him and his "techno-babble" and he has to resort to more simple vocabulary.

*Being disturbed, when involved with a large project, it's best to leave him alone. He becomes very irritated when he's interrupted in the middle of a major breakthrough.

*People messing with his things, has a very particular way of how things are placed and can be considered OCD about it. Also has things positioned for different functions. If something is out of a certain order, he'll know...

*Meditation, urgh! it's hard to focus on one thing for very long. And as for clearing one's mind of everything, it rarely happens for him. With so many ideas, his brain seldom turns all the way off.

*Raph and Leo fighting, such petty disputes that Don sometimes gets caught in the middle of. Other times he can tune them out, but he still hates the tension that lingers. And loathes having to patch them up - seriously some one ( Mikey! ) swap their weapons for rubber ones that squeak please!!

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