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Master Splinter. Hamato Yoshi (Origins.ROH Canon) Empty Master Splinter. Hamato Yoshi (Origins.ROH Canon)

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Master Splinter.

Master Splinter. Hamato Yoshi (Origins.ROH Canon) Master_splinter_by_larthosgrr8

Was once known as Hamato Yoshi. Also called father, dad, Splinter, Master Splinter, Master or Sensei.

Age, Gender, Species and Occupation.

44 years old. Male. Mutant Rat. Single father of four, home maker, home school teacher and Sensei.

Place of Residence. Spoken Languages,

Hidden secret Lair in New York's sewer system. Japanese and English.

General Appearance:

Large clear reddish eyes and rodent large ears. Looks like a giant rat although he walks more upright. His coat is thick glossy brown, mostly... it is greying in places and he has longer greying fur in a Japanese styled bundle between his ears... is always seen in his favorite yellow robe and bright green walking stick. Splinter wears a yellow robe and a black belt with a medal on the front.

Character traits:

Splinter is authoritative, firm, strict and overbearing and but also a quirky, loving, fun and thoughtful parent and master, and a Zen philosopher. Having lost a family once, he is very determined to train and protect his new one at all costs, though the past few years of his sons adventures above ground has seen him also venture out more himself and have more trust in his sons abilities, though he still watches his older teen sons as closely as he can. He is a ninja master at the height of his abilities and so in tune with the universe that he can literally feel it's vibrations, allowing him to project and sense energy, and, occasionally, the intentions of others, gives off an aura of wisdom about him.

At times he seems harsh, but he has to be harsh towards his sons sometime, they are still young and naïve to the ways of the outside world. Of course he is going to be over protective of them. Humanity is cruel towards those that are different, which is why he taught them Ninjitsu, to defend themselves. But even that doesn't ease his worries.

Some may say Splinter is humorless, but that is by far from the truth. He does have a playful, mischievous side to his personality, which reveals itself on several occasions, usually at his son's expense.


*Soap Operas and Comedy Sitcoms, like Gilmore Girls, and Charmed and The Big Bang Theory.
*Cheesicles, Sushi and Cake... especially chocolate or fruitier cheesecake.
*Traditional music, some fun nineties pop, world, relaxation and alternative.
*Getting to make jokes. and occasionally one or two at their expense.
*always finding new ways to make their underground lair homey and warm and inviting.


*The Shredder.
*Seeing his loved ones get hurt. Seeing innocents get hurt.
*Those who refuse to respect his wisdom ! Razz
*Losing his temper.
*Can be a little bit of a control freak when it comes to maintaining their home lair. It is a trait he has mostly developed whilst being forced to live down in the sewers as muck mess could spell any manner of deadly illnesses and diseases or parasitic infections.

Skills and strengths:

Tail, which is very rat like in appearance, serves the purpose of being able to regulate his body temperature, as well as being good for balancing. Splinter has used it over the years developing the muscles into a powerful extra limb.

Sharp Teeth, and large incisors.

Heightened Senses, rats naturally have a great sense of smell and hearing and their whiskers can help see in dark places, luckily for Splinter the mutation has not dulled these senses.

Walking Cane which Splinter uses both for extra balance but also his principle weapon and defense.

Ninjitsu, in which Splinter has been trained his whole life his style is strategic, graceful and flexible. He can use any weapons with skilled mastery. And objects of daily life - like soup ladles as offensive weaponry.

Flaws and weaknesses:

Age and an old injury often causes him to become stiff at times, which is another reason for the cane.


Originally a human named Hamato Yoshi, Splinter lived in Japan and studied ninjutsu alongside his best friend, Oroku Saki (later known as The Shredder). Hamato Yoshi had been arrogant, brash and slightly vain, but somehow he struck a friendship with Oroku Saki and his slightly older brother Nagi. They competed with each other over everything. Whether it is in sports, or games of chance, or trying to impress the elders, Hamato Yoshi would always win. At some poin, both men fell in love at the same time with the same woman, Tang Shen, which ended up sparking a bitter rivalry between them and Nagi whom also had designs on the younger lovely kind woman. Oroku Nagi watched as the relationship between the two grew, sparking a bitter rivalry between his younger brother, and deep in his heart, he too yearned for Tang Shen's love. Seeing his rival in the arms of the woman he loved drove him mad. If he couldn't have her, no one would. An attack on Tang Shen one night caused Nagi's death, further drving hatred and bitterness between Oroku Saki and Yoshi.

Eventually, Tang Shen married Yoshi and gave birth to their daughter, Miwa. One night, Saki, mad with jealousy and hatred and set on revenge, attacked Yoshi in his home, intending to kill him. During the battle, the house caught fire and Saki mercilessly left Yoshi to die. While Yoshi survived the fire, Tang Shen and their daughter, Miwa, had supposedly perished.

Devastated, Hamato gave up his original name and left Japan entirely.

Assuming the name "Splinter", he came to live in New York City. One fateful day, he bought four baby turtles at a local pet store. As he was walking down the street one day he almost witnessed a small boy with a bowl of no doubt newly brought pet turtles in it almost become a road accident victim. But in the process of being saved the boy dropped the bowl and it shattered the little hatchling turtles falling through a grate into the sewers below - ever compassionate Splinter went to find them, in the hopes of maybe tracking down the boy or returning the hatchlings to the pet shop he was sure they had come from so that they could be taken back to the boy.

He did find the itty bitty box turtles, messing around in a sickly, vibrant green goo that seemed to be coming from a nearby smashed open canister. He carefully scoops each small turtle up, inspects them for injuries before placing them in a empty coffee can. There was nothing he could to for the rat he found aside for brush it aside and picked up the canister, managing to keep a little of the ooze with in and wrapping it up thinking to keep it and maybe report it - whom new what chemical it could be?! The man was soon to learn. The change itself has been traumatic, painful... frightening. But the then very confused, hurting and scared Splinter had not had time to fret - for he soon discovered the itty bitty turtle hatchlings had also changed, becoming more humanoid, and still very much helpless babies, or even more so helpless now. And Splinter did the only thing he could think of, wrapped them in the remains of his shredded clothing and fleeing into the sewers.

For the following fifteen years, Splinter and the Turtles lived in hiding in the sewers under New York City. Taking them in as his sons and students, Splinter raised the turtles and trained them in the ways of Ninjistu. When they turned fifteen, Splinter, though reluctantly, allowed them to leave the lair for the very first time. It was through the friendship with Casey Jones and April O'Neil he learned to embrace the human race once more - something he had let go of the day his humanity was lost.
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