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Post by Mikey Hamato on Sun May 28, 2017 5:24 pm

whom is thy turtle?

Michelangelo Hamato!

that's who!!

also know as...

Mikey, Mike, Mickey, Mikster. Knuckle head, Shell for brains, twerp, dweeb, WTFisWrong WithYou?!


17 years old.


Mutant Turtle.

Vigilante Turtle Team Joker, Dr. Prankenstein, Naked Chef, PantiePoacher...

lives ...

Somewhere secret. Nope not telling Razz

America - New York... That's all ya need to know...

can speak...

in English, Japanese… Klingon... does Jibberish count? Cause Raph says sometimes Mikey speak nothing but Jibberish.

super handsome as explained below...

His green skin like his brothers became micro-scaled during mutation so it feels softer and smoother than wild turtle skin, though thicker and tougher than human skin. Also unlike normal turtles, he like his brothers is not entirely ectothermic, however extreme cold weather will slow him down, and if he cannot get to warmth he will go into a hibernate state that could last up to a week if no warmth is found. Michelangelo is the shortest of his brothers at about five foot nine inches and has adorned himself shades hanging from his bead necklaces, wetsuit pants ( with one of the leg shorter than the other) He also sometimes wears a grey hoodie tied around his waist and sneakers, which have the front cut open for his two toes. On the back of his shell Mikey has some yellow, orange and pink graffiti writing and a has a tattoo on his shoulder. However he in not above wearing random items like mumus.

And if he does say so himself the biggest of big baby blue eyes which he unleashes with force! when not sporting his usually open carefree happy grin or mischievous look when preparing to prank some one... usually Raph.

would be described as...

...the youngest, shortest, and even freely admits he is the least mature of his brothers, he is enthusiastic, positive and adaptable, has an imaginative disposition and more of a ‘outside the box’ approach to every aspect of his life and is openly affectionate, playful and whilst not considered the brightest shuriken in any weapons collection Mikey can be very intuitive and he and his immediate 'older' brother Donnie and turtle team genius are fairly close, maybe due to their ages being closer, or that Mikey often seeks Don's knowledge in questions that come to his mind. Sometimes views his bigger brothers Raphael and Leonardo as mizes of heros and brothers. No matter how much he knows he annoys em all have his shell. 'Knucklehead’ enjoys pop culture and readily looks forward to any chance to widen his social group, can be scatter brained, naive and excitable. And is decidedly not the most disciplined or focused when it comes to ninjitsu training though he does possess raw talent, agility and his unpredictability makes up for it able to incorporate great endurance and his creativity.

Is awesome because... Like his brother has great speed, strength and endurance and is the most agile of the group; and despite being unfocused during training he has managed to master; Taijutsu, Qigong, Nunchakujustu, Kusarigumajustu, Shurikenjustu, Archery. Throwing water balloons, Hensojustu, Sui-ren, Intonjustu, Kayakujustu, and prankujustu! The last one his brothers and sensei may actually consider a flaw! though Splinter does encourage Mikey’s light warmheartedness at times.

Weirdly a total savant at playing stringed instruments. His favorite? The ukulele!

Like his ability to prank his cooking may not be considered the best by his family, but he has a keen interest and wish to learn. And can actually do a decent pizza crust (even if his choice of toppings is questionable!) and can make cakes, scones and pancakes! His creativity extents into being rather artsy and crafty, able to draw reasonably well and if he says so himself get down on the dance floor like a turtle do!

Totally into...

*Food! And loves to cook, but Pizza and Cakes are his all-time favorites. He is trying to expand his culinary skills, and sometimes much to his family’s dismay has a habit of getting a little TOO inventive with pizza toppings.

*Orange Crush, usually has a stash he hides some somewhere in the Lair often having to move it around as his brothers – usually Raph take liberty with it when they find it.

*Cats. Cat videos on the tube, cats and cat related things… okay he likes all animals but Cats in particular.

*Comic Books. Has quite a collection.

*his human underwear collection.

*Enjoys a wide selection of songs from all genres of music, though he prefers R & B and alternative.

*Pulling Pranks, especially on those he gets a good reaction out of, Raph, Donnie – and if he plays it right even Leo.

*Skateboarding, either on his normal skateboard or the rocket powered one Donnie made for him.

*the chance to meet new people – especially the females *waggles eye-ridges*

*loves his adopted pet Klunk the little tabby cat.

Totally less than awesome at... Easily distracted and when it comes to looking eagerly to expand his circles of family and friends the turtle in orange can be a tad too eager, overtly extrovert and a little naive and far too trusting.

Somewhat hyperactive and loves to be the center of attention (not always the best for a so called ninja!)

Has a habit of eating food - especially pizza that has been in questionable places for even more questionable amounts of time, has made him sick a couple of times but he still does it!

Absolutely less than into!

*Polka music

*The Shredder! Seriously one scary dude!

*Leo and Raphael fighting… the serious all out drag down fisticuffs – the posturing and yelling is okay cause he and Donnie can bet on things like whom will drop the F’bomb first or storm off first…

*when a brother or April or Casey or Splinter seems sad.

*the thought he may never have a lady to call his own... Come on yo give a turtle a chance!!...

* the Haashi! (melodramatic ominous music) dun dun duuuunnnnnn!

And this is how it all started...

His origin is straight out of one or more of his favorite super hero comic book. He could barely recall his days as a turtle hatch-ling. But suring this time a young boy bought the four turtles, only to loose them after the tank broke. At that time, a man named Hamato Yoshi discovered the Turtles and tried to scoop them up, only to come in contact with a mysterious chemical substance they called "ooze". The Turtles begin to mutate into who they are today. Hamato Yoshi, since he had just came in contact with a rat he had gently shooed away from the ooze, turned into an anthropomorphic rat. He became their adoptive father and sensei in ninjitsu from the moment they could handle the simplest of motions.. literally as soon as they could walk. When the boys grew older, Hamato Yoshi told him his side of the story. They discovered that they have an enemy in a man named Oroku Saki, who is now terrorizing the city. There might be a day when they will stand face to face with the Shredder and that is a day that Mikey hope would never happen.

As they begin to grow, Mikey it became clearer was the "youngest" brother. Mikey had always been energetic and is usually all over the place, tossing pranks, banter and great cheeky smiles left and right. Raphael is the most likely of his brothers to be on the receiving end of his pranks. He would spend hours in his room either playing video games, watching television, and sometimes drawing his own super hero which he invented himself, the Turtle Titan. Mikey always believed in doing the right thing and he wants to use his gift as an opportunity to help those who are in need of help. The others think he is being naive. The human world would never accept them, besides April and Casey.

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