Anold Casey Jones (Origins.ROH Canon)

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Anold Casey Jones (Origins.ROH Canon) Empty Anold Casey Jones (Origins.ROH Canon)

Post by Casey J on Sun May 28, 2017 5:50 pm

Arnold Casey Jones.

Case, Arnie, The C-Man


Brooklyn, New York City, Northampton




Street Fighting techniques

Weapon(s) Equipment.

*Custom Hookey Goalie Mask
*Laird's Hockey Blocker Glove - with spikes
*Wooden Baseball Bat
*Eastman's Wooden Hockey Stick
*Wooden Goalie Stick
*Wooden Cricket Bat
*Custom Skates
*Spiky Pads
*Hockey Pucks
*Protective Cup






Human (Neanderthal variety)




6' 1"


190 lbs.

Hair color

Dark - who cares?! some time cuts some times left to grow.

Eye color



Casey's hatred of crime is rooted in this incarnation in his childhood. While Casey was still a kid, his father Arnold Casey Jones, Sr. refused to pay protection money to the Purple Dragons. His father's shop was burned down as a result, and a teenage Hun threatened Casey to tell his father to pay up next time. Despite being threatened not to, Jones, Sr. subsequently went to the police, but with no success; it is implied that the Purple Dragons later killed him for trying to turn them in. For this reason, Casey cherishes a special aversion to crime, the Purple Dragons in particular, and vowed to get revenge. As he grew older, Casey became a vigilante and started hunting down crooks — particularly Purple Dragons — in the streets. Incidentally, this brought him across the path of Raphael. An initial clash of similar aggressiveness and macho-ism the two became best of buds and crime fighters.

Through the Turtles, early on he met April O'Neil, for whom he quickly developed a romantic attraction. However, their conflicting personalities lead to frequent arguments, still does, though over time, a serious relationship develops. Perhaps aided by the fact the pair both view the turtles as brothers as much as friends.

{Hollow Heroes}

Conflicted by reluctance to leave his 'brothers' and yet keen to stick with the ratman he views as much a father figure and the woman he loves Casey set out with Master Splinter and April in the early months of the 'infection' to the city of Atlanta. the two humans had sworn to protect and stay with their mutant friend but upon arrival was separated and learned too late the 'voluntary' was nothing more than a trick to lure good heart mutants like Splinter and supers into imprisonment and lives as lab rats in a desperate hunt for a vaccine or cure, both!

Casey heard they even had the big cheese sups under lock down!

Thankfully claiming April and he were married and opting to keep heads down and even agreeing that they would go along with making babies the two were not separated in the Atlanta Compound even if days are of course spent apart working hard with all other compounders to live and Casey works hard to prove himself capable and trustworthy to be chosen for the Hunters or Gatherers in an effort to make communication with the turtles, left behind in New York city. Well he hoped so and nothing worse had happened. Not knowing where Splinter is being kept or even if still alive.


Under sarcasm and a quick, sometimes brazen, rude, juvenile or cruel wit, expressed through frequent smug comments, jokes, taunts, trash talk, cussing out with Raph or alphabet name calling games with the other turtles. Casey does has a good heart and is extremely loyal to those in his inner circle. Easily enraged and occasionally bumbling. He loves motorcycles, sees the Turtles as the little brothers he never had.

*Being referred to by certain names such as "Big Cheese," "Chief", "CaseMan".
*Flicking the ears of those conquered in vigilante outings.
*Lee Marvin Movies
*Scotch on the rocks, Corona Beer.
* The 'gays'; their music, their sense of style, what they've done with Halloween
*Working out (Especially those that involve loud metal and or rock bands, beer and Raph)
*TV soaps. Especially Days of our lives
*favorite food has been stated to be Italian, Mexican, and pretzels.
*Casey's favorite color is green.

*All Sandra Bullock movies.
*Anyone who adds "izzle" to any word.
*Dane Cook.
*Hugh Jackman
*"Party Doc" vanity license plates - cause all suck but his own!
*People who call Wednesday "Humpday"
*People who say the phrase "Let's rock and roll". Supposed to be Lock and Load People!
*People who wear their hands-free phones while not using them
*Purple Dragons. Foot.

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