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whom is she?

April O'Neil.

also know as...

* Red,
* O’Neil,
* Ape,
* Copper/ Carrot Top,
* Has heard Radish once or twice before,
* She doesn’t mind Cherry,
* Splinter and Leonardo still sometimes refers to her as the Hogosha.

born on/ is/ lives at/ works/ can speak...

4th April 1993. Female, Human. In a small but comfortable apartment above Second Time Round corner shop. A corner next to the bright bumbling Cafe Noble and the little street of shops next to her place and the cafe, New Yorkie, American.. Journalist with Channel 6 news. English, some Spanish and bare minimum Portuguese.

Looks like...

Lithe of build and at a height of five foot five April is on the small side, but more than makes up for it in personality! She has green eyes and red hair she keeps trimmed just above the back of her shoulders and during warmer weather usually styles upwards. As typical with most red haired people her complexion is pale and has a healthy covering of freckles over her face, predominately her cheeks and chin and over her shoulders.

Not a fan of lots of makeup of dressing up April, being in the public eye a lot with her work, does tend to dress chic and smart, in complimentary colors and styles. Of screen and running about making a story she is more of a t shirt, jeans and sneakers type girl… though strong good boots have become a favorite lately with her habit of traipsing about the sewers.

would be described as...

April is extremely loving, compassionate and nurturing and being the older sibling she is always protective over her close knit circle of friends and family, doing her utmost to defend them sometimes at the cost of her own safety – which has only strengthened with the addition of the turtles, Splinter and Casey in her life.

But April is also noted for being very intelligent and hard working - which is education always coming top in the majority of any of her studies and in later years education earning honors with her studiousness and efficiency, especially in regards to technological sciences and writing, and also languages. Is not afraid to trust her instincts, but for most the part April is logical and tenacious which coupled with the fact that whilst she is mostly a very straitlaced sort of person, she is not above using coercion if needed to get to the bottom of any story.

Under the circumstance that brought the turtles and Splinter into her life as family, she demonstrated her bravery and a strength of will. Her temper is formidable when roused.


* The Turtles, Splinter and Casey Jones.
* 'Goldy oldies', country, alternative and world types music.
* Computers and technology, is particularly savvy and intellectually bright. And even though Journalism is her career, she does enjoy a good 'tech' out with Donatello and is a very enthusiastic 'tech' hobbyist.
* Italian Food, yogurt and ice cream... Chocolate.
* The color yellow, it is her favorite color and she incorporates it as much as she can into her wardrobe on a daily basis,
* A good book. With out without a snuggly and a hot drink, Usually enjoys really well written mysterious and crime and science fiction novels with intricate plots and fascinating 'normal' characters.
* Prefers good science fiction movies and documentaries theorizing over many of earths still unsolved mysterious... for example The Pyramids. Same taste in books.
* In the beginning stages of her ninjitsu training with Master Splinter, learning to use the Tessen. Has a great interest in the martial art and is eager to learn.


* Stocktronics and Baxter Stockman. And any corrupt scientist.
* Her Boss, but than again whom doesn't have a little resentment towards their bosses?
* The Purple Dragons and Foot.
* Being called Freckles and or Ginger. there are other nick names she does not enjoy but those are her least favorite.
* Very heavy metal music and not a huge fan of slasher horror movies.

Family and History:

* Kirby O’Neil, Father (missing)
* Robyn O’Neil, younger sister (living independently)
* Irma Langinstein, Best Friend.
* Casey Jones, Friend (more?)
* Master Splinter, Sensei and good friend (almost a father figure)
* The Turtles, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo ( sort of fills a void of being big sister/mother to them as well as good friends, treats them as she would Robyn.)

April grew up in a single-parent household where her constant was her father, Kirby, and younger sister Robyn O'Neil. Her mother left when she was very young. Being the sole provider of two young daughters, Kirby decided to sculpt his love for antiques into another source of income and opened an antique shop called 'Second Time Around' below his apartment.

After graduating high school, April left the family ‘nest' and pursued further education, after encouragement from their father, with Robyn would be there for a little longer to care for their father.

Using her love and savvy of tech to help pay her way through higher education April became further enamored with journalism and became her targeted career, she had always loved a good mystery, and solving and writing reports on her findings was not always fun, or easy or clean… but she enjoyed the mental challenge and felt she was a strong enough person mentally and emotionally to be a deal with anything that arose. And wonderfully fresh out of courses with highest honors April lands work at Channel Six news- becoming fast friends with the receptionist Irma Langinstein. The only blight on this bright future was the disappearance of her father and still now at twenty three and after two years nothing has turned up. Both April and Robyn hold out hope but are also aware they may need to prepare for the worst. April moved back into the apartment and on weekends opens the Second Time Around shop. Both to keep the memory of her father and maybe… one day working there may provide even a smallest clue as to what happened… a hint to reignite the cold trail of Kirby’s mysterious disappearance.

In the mean time she focuses hard on her career, and early on much to the delight of April she landed a story covering the brilliant Baxter Stockman and his self made tech empire Stocktronics and his plan to help eradicate the cities ever growing vermin population. Now the little bots he developed looked like arm and tailless evil little metal velociraptors, but the opportunity to tour Stockman’s labs was like a geeks Wonderland! And April ignored the little red flags in her mind that those little robodinos were obviously built for more than just rodent control.

During the tour – and a little snooping as ever the journalist April learned the true purpose of the little MOUSERS, and discovered by the brilliant (and a little crazy) Stockman, April had to subsequently flee with a horde of the deceptacons chasing her. Escaping into the sewers she became trapped in a dead end with the bots closing in –

Only to be rescued by the turtles - Very Happy

Since then she and the boys and their master have formed a strong firm friendship and sense of family, through them meeting and befriending hockey mask wearing vigilante Casey Jones.

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