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Name: Oroku Karai
Kanji: 辛い "extremely severe"
Birthname: Hamato Miwa
Nicknames: ....there are a few, but none are dubbed affectionately.
Age: 18
Affiliation: The Foot Clan

.::~Physical Appearance~::.

Karai displays beautiful Asian features. She stands 5'6" and weighs roughly 125 lbs. Her jet black hair is usually kept short or shoulder length. Unlike most in her line of work, Karai rarely pulls her hair back, a choice encouraged by her confidence that enemies will never get close enough to grab it as a holdfast. Due to her nationality and being a creature of the night, her skin is 'porcelain' pale. She has deep almond eyes that can seemingly pierce anyone's soul and this level of dangerous intensity is usually an agent for retrieving the truth from someone. As lethal as she is beautiful, Karai is persuasive and cunning and these abilities usually means she gets what she wants. The young kunoichi is lean and well toned and unmarked by tattoos or any other self-inflicted 'blemishes', aside from pierced ears.

Karai can usually be found wearing her black Foot GI that was designed to stand out from the rest of the clan, an indication of her higher rank and level of importance. Her trusty katana is usually strapped to her back. Whenever the young woman is attending meetings or other important outings, she knows how to dress the part and can dazzle anyone in her elegant and classy black dresses.


Having a strict upbringing and high expectations set before her at a young age, Karai is a no nonsense kind of girl and very reserved. The young woman is extremely focused and strong-willed, displaying all of the qualities of a strong leader. She is disciplined and wise beyond her years and displays a maturity that is rare of someone so young. Being Shredder's successor and 'daughter', her time is one hundred percent dedicated to her clan. This left no time for being a child or teenager and living the experiences that would normally develop an outgoing personality or gain her the understanding of today's 'fads' and 'slang'. Because of this, and due to her strong sense of duty and loyalty, Karai seems hardened and her silence perceived as coldness by those that surround her. She has an air about her that demands and usually earns genuine respect.

Being brought up by Oroku Saki and surrounded by people of her descent, Karai speaks best in her native tongue, though with the clan's expansion and growing number of American recruits, the young kunoichi has made it a habit of speaking in English. Though she can speak fluently in the English language, it's still heavily accented by her heritage.

While Karai is second in command and the heir to Saki's empire, unlike her father, she has a strong moral code and deep sense of honor. She is capable of making her own decisions on what is right and wrong and not persuaded by the influences and views of others-- not even her father's. While her clan is known for being harsh, Karai is more 'bloodless', preferring to injure and disable the enemy rather than kill them. However, real threats will be dealt with accordingly and by more 'permanent' means.


Karai, born Hamato Miwa, was the infant daughter of Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen. Her birth parents were viciously attacked by Oroku Saki when she was only a few months old. Her mother was murdered, and having believed that he had also killed Yoshi, Saki took their infant daughter as the final insult to his victims. Giving the child his surname, Saki renamed the child 'Karai' meaning 'extremely severe'. That would be his intentions with her-- train her to possess his level of skill and become his most valuable weapon. The child became a daughter to him and she remains oblivious to her true origins. As far as she knows, Saki is her biological father and she has never had reason to suspect anything beyond the 'father-daughter' bond that was established before the child could comprehend.

She was brought up by strict discipline and failure was never an option. Her training started the moment she could perform a kata and there was no slowing down once it began. In the beginning, that was perfectly fine with the young prodigy. She had a drive to be the best, to make her father proud. During her early years, it was the only life she knew and what was deemed normal. This outlook continued on into her early teenage years when she started to notice that there was more to existing than rigorous training and her father's missions. Still, the life of a ninja was all that she knew and her acknowledged reason for existing. There was no time for anything else. Because of her strict training and heavy responsibilities as second in command, Karai has little experience in normal type settings. She was denied of a normal childhood and the experiences that teenage girls encounter. It also leaves no time for relationships and men are another department that she is inexperienced in. Though Karai is the ultimate warrior and seems content in the expectations set before her, she is a young woman and only human and can't help but think of how things could be if not for the path she is on. Still, she does not allow such thoughts to cloud her loyalty or current position. Those around her would never suspect that her thoughts have ever strayed from her current path. She is viewed as a strict higher-up and a force to be reckoned with.

It took Karai no time to move up in ranks, and this wasn't due to the fact that she is Saki's daughter. The young kunoichi earned her rank. At the young age of sixteen, Karai was made leader of the original faction of the Foot and relocated to Japan to oversee operations there. Her travels would be short-lived, however. The news of a new threat quickly circulated along with the rumors of her father's instability. This prompted Karai to return to New York to assist Saki with these new 'threats', and to oversee his health. Even though Saki has displayed a few instances of insanity, Karai is still convinced that her father acts out of honor. Still, she is aware that something isn't quite right. Still, she is deathly loyal to her father and feels very protective of him. Anyone that becomes too close to the man becomes a target of unexpressed jealousy.


With her training beginning at such a young age, Karai is a master of the arts. Aside from her father, she is the highest ranking fighter of their clan. While she is fluent with most weapons, she prefers the katana and when on a mission, always has one strapped to her back. Karai is also a master in archery and can hit a target from what most would consider an impossible range. She is quick and possesses the agility and stealth of a predatory feline.


* Training



* Traditional Music

*Sushi and Asian food

* Silence and the rare occasions that she has time alone.

* Dressing up for important meetings. It's a rarity that she has the opportunity to step out of her GI and into something more elegant.


* Those stupid enough to disrespect her.

*People that view women as the weaker sex. She can quickly and painfully prove them wrong.

* The Purple Dragons. Even though they are a lower branch of the Foot empire, she is not a fan of their lack of intelligence and unnecessary violence and fondness of drugs.

* Anyone that disrespects her father.

*Loud and obnoxious music.

*Guns. She views them as weapons of cowards.

* Failure.

.::~Sample Post~::.

The rumors had been circulating for months now. A new threat had made itself known back in New York city. Being so far away from 'home' was difficult, especially with the accompanying rumors that her father's mental stability was becoming questionable. Lies. That part had to be an untruth born by those with faltering loyalty. How dare they! She would remove those forked tongues from their unfaithful skulls once she returned to the States. They had no right to call themselves affiliates. They were nothing more than venomous snakes in the grass that must be dealt with.

Still, despite her refusal to consider that the rumors were true, part of her worried. If he was 'sick', she certainly needed to be back in New York. While she appreciated the confidence and faith bestowed upon her when she was made leader of the original faction of the Foot, there were people capable of taking over. Elders that had built this empire. Aside from her role, it would be difficult to leave this culture behind. It was one thing to be taught about her culture from her father and stories and books, but quite another to experience it. Japan was beautiful and a place that she felt she belonged. But there was another place she belonged even moreso. At her father's side.

The young kunoichi spared one last look at the space that had been her lavish throne room. If she was honest with herself, she would not miss this level of responsibility.. but she would miss this place. Still, she felt excitement over the fact that she would soon be reunited with her father. It had been almost two years since she had last seen him.

Bidding her temporary home a final farewell, Karai boarded the privately owned Foot aircraft that would return her to her root. Return her to her father and to face the new trials and tribulations that awaited her.

Oroku Karai

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