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Name: Mei Pieh Chi (More recently referred to as subject #V34NU876S)
Nicknames: Mei
Age: 15
Affiliates: None.
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated red ear slider.
Occupation: Practicing Shinobi. Test subject.
Place of Residence: Top secret laboratory in Japan.
Nationality: Japanese
Spoken Languages: Japanese, English (though she's had very little opportunity to use it.)

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Unlike her male counterparts, Mei is very slender, and despite having a shell, petite (well, compared to her male counterparts). She stands at 5'9" and her shell is more streamline, lighter in weight and thickness due to gender and environmental influence. Her skin is a soft shade of green and like the guys, micro-scaled, giving her a very smooth and pleasant texture. Her left forearm has the word 'freak' carved into it- a lingering scar sustained from the cruelty of a group of teenage boys. (The scar is usually kept covered) She adorns soulful baby-blue doe eyes and soft mottled freckles on her cheeks and shoulders. Her plastron is the typical beige, her carapace a deep brown. The 'chest scutes' of her plastron are slightly 'humped', giving them the appearance of moderate cleavage- possibly the mutagen's attempt at creating the physique of a humanoid female. (No, she does NOT have huge knockers! Just enough to leave no confusion as to her gender.)

Mei wears an aqua blue bandana with long braided tails that hang at elbow length, and matching colored leg and arm guards and a brown leather belt around her waist. A leather satchel hangs from the belt and usually contains healing agents. A pair of tessen are usually tucked away at her sides. Like the guys, she has two fingers and one thumb on each hand, and two toes. Her legs are long, and like the rest of her, lean and well toned. She wears a blue garter around her left thigh which adorns a yin-yang pendant. Her feet and hands are usually wrapped in white leather ribbon to protect them from rougher terrain.

Whenever out and about in any area that may put her at risk or running into people, she adorns a dark brown robe that completely conceals her appearance.


With very little social stimulation, Mei is very quiet and reserved. Her only loved one, Chung I is now deceased, leaving her with no family. She has made acquaintances on the spiritual plane and through meditation, but to her, it's just not the same. Mei is shy and observant and some may even classify her as a recluse, but the fact of the matter is, she hasn't had the opportunity to grow on a social level. Her trust must be earned before she will open up.

Mei is probably one of the sweetest mutants you will ever meet. She is very loving, caring, and loyal to those that earn her trust. Even though she has never experienced a relationship, she is a hopeless romantic and often daydreams about finding 'the one', even though she knows it is hopeless. For all she knows, she is the only one of her kind, and no human will ever find her attractive. Still, she is a young teenage girl and allows her mind to take her to places that she knows will never exist. She also has a strong maternal pull and loves babies! Her maternal nature is usually shown towards the injured and sick animals that had the good fortune of crossing her path. She often nurtured them back to health before releasing them.

Due to her isolation and the cruelty she suffered at the hands of a group of teenage boys, Mei suffers from depression and low self-esteem due to her appearance. She always tried to hide it around her father, but being one in touch with the spirit, he knew and never missed an opportunity to remind her of how beautiful she was. Now without his comfort, it often takes its toll on the young girl but through it all, she reminds herself that there is good in this world.

She loves art and writing and finds peace in both these creative outlets.


Mei was one of hundreds of baby red ear sliders imported to Japan for the pet and food trade. She ended up being one of the unfortunate selected to be sold on the street market. The bin was overflowing and thanks to the hundreds below her, she managed to climb out. Her frantic search for water ended her in a pile of glowing green goo that had been dropped by an over-passing alien air-craft. It seemed that fate had bigger plans for her.

She was discovered by a Shinobi named Chung I. Unaware of her exposure to the mutagen, but fully aware that the little red ear slider wasn't indigenous to the wilds of Japan, he was faced with two options. Properly dispatch the tiny creature, or take her on as a pet. Being a man with compassion, he chose to keep her and soon discovered that she was indeed something special. It didn't take long for the transformation to start, and within two days, he had a humanoid turtle infant on his hands. He loved the girl like a daughter, protecting and providing for her as she grew.

At the tender age of five, Chung I began her training as a Shinobi. She was taught to harbor chi energy and in self defense, choosing the tessen as her weapon of choice. She was also trained in meditation and how to access the spiritual and dream realms. Both of which would aid her and give the young girl an outlet since connecting with the physical world was too dangerous.

Living in the sewer system with her father for her own protection, as she grew older, Mei's longing for the outside world became stronger. Like any other child, she craved interaction with those of her own age. She lived a sheltered life, free from television and media for her own protection, but would often watch the children at play through the storm drains. She knew there was a bigger world out there and having such an innocent mind, she felt if they could only know her, they would love her like Chung I did.

At the age of 10, Mei would learn that wasn't the case and with the harsh lesson came her fear of humans. On that fateful day, she waited for her father to leave to retrieve supplies and despite all of his warnings and teachings, the young turtle child snuck out of the protection of her home. She was mindful to wear her robe and quickly made friends with a group of children at the playground she had ventured onto. Chung I was wrong, she thought. People could accept her. Unfortunately their opinion of her changed the moment one of the boys decided to rip off her robe, exposing her for what she truly was. Panic spread like wildfire, and an older group of teenage boys chased her into a dead end alley where she was captured and beaten. She was restrained as one of the males broke a beer bottle and used the tainted glass to carve the word 'freak' into her left forearm.

Being in touch with the mind, Chung I was able to find her before the boys could kill her, but the emotional damage was done. It was a painful lesson but put into light everything that her father had taught her. Humans were dangerous. The experience washed away any desire to ever venture out again. She became a recluse, having no desire to even accompany her father on supply runs. Her only outlet was through meditation and traveling to the spiritual realms.. and the wild dreaming that perhaps someday, she would find her place in this world. Still, she found contentment in her father....

Unfortunately at the age of 13, Mei would experience loss and her whole world would change. Chung I had went out for a routine supply run, but the man would never return home. Days past and Mei went out looking for the man, discovering his mutilated body in the same alley she had nearly lost her own life. He had fallen victim to a street gang, slaughtered for the change in his pocket. Overwhelming grief set in, crippling her to the fact that people could see her. The authorities were called but were unable to capture her. She became elusive, but had earned the interest of scientist who called in the famous American hunter known as Simon Bonesteel.

After a few short months of hunting, Simon finally discovered the young Turtle's underground home. Mei was tranquilized and transported to a top secret laboratory that paid the hunter generously or the mutant. Having spent nearly two years in captivity, Mei had become even more withdrawn and unresponsive. In the beginning, she fought every time the scientists pocked and prodded her, but now her fight is gone. Most of her time is spent curled up in a corner, crying or escaping through daydreams.


* Animals

* Cosmo Magazine (or any 'girly' magazine, really)

* Sappy love novels- (she adores Nicholas Sparks)

* The feel of the sun against her skin and the soft sensation of grass beneath her.

* Ponds- she has only experienced swimming one time, but she loves it!

* Babies- even though she is aware that she most likely cannot have children, she still has that strong maternal pull and hopes to someday feel a baby in her arms.

* Chocolate- a rare treat and like most girls, loves-loves-loves it!

* Hair- she often wishes she had long locks of the stuff.

* Butterflies- because who doesn't love them?!

* Make-up- she was once given some by one of the scientists to see what she would do with if. Of course she did nothing while they were watching, but during the night she gave herself a make-over, because like any human female, she wanted to make herself look pretty.

* Dragons and unicorns- just because.


*Simon Bonesteel

*Scientists- for obvious reasons.


* Those that do not give her a chance.

* Laboratories and being poked and prodded and treated like meat.

* People who think she's nothing more than an animal.

* Depression and isolation.

* Earthworms. Not because she thinks they are gross and slimy, but because the scientist have tried to feed them to her over the last two years.
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