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April O'Neil
Red, Coppertop, Ginger, Gingee...


New York City.


Irish American.

Date of birth:

June 6th, 1999.


Natural sensitivity to universal vibrations, (sixth sense)
Ranged telepathy,
Amateur Ninjutsu skills,
Immunity to Mutagen,




Student, Vigilante.


Hamato Yoshi, (ninjutsu)
Professor Zayton Honeycutt (telepathy.)


Ninja Turtles.


Human-Kraang Mutant Hybrid.






April met the Turtles when she and her father, Kirby O'Neil were attacked by the Kraang. She was afraid of the mutants at first, but started to trust them thanks to Donatello. The group was unable to fight effectively as a team, which resulted with the Kraang succeeding in kidnapping April and her father. While she was trapped in their hideout, April tried to trick the Kraang into letting her escape, but her plan failed. Later, the Turtles came to her rescue. Eventually, they succeeded in saving April, but the Kraang got away with her father. Later, the Turtles met April at her aunt's apartment, where she would now be staying. April was safe, but upset over the loss of her father and determined to find him. The Turtles promised to help her get him back. Since then April has become good friends with the Turtles and cooperated with them on various missions.


April is a smart, strange, tomboyish, sixteen year-old girl with an indie rock vibe. April is determined and resourceful. She is fiercely loyal to her mutant friends, as seen in Panic in the Sewers. When the turtles are ready to give up, April volunteers to find out Shredder's plot. She is also somewhat reckless, too.

Powers and Abilities:

April seems to have a idiosyncratic ability to sense emotions in certain arenas (similarly to Splinter), and she can seemingly "see" into the person - or mutant's - 'soul', such as when she recognized a mutant monkey to be the missing Dr. Tyler Rockwell. This could indicate that, since she is a soulful person herself, she can detect the true emotions of someone, as opposed to one who mimics them or is but a malicious individual.This seemed to be evident when she looked into the monkey's eyes, likely judging if he is truly a good person or not, though the exact way that she did it is unknown. As of more recently, it's discovered that she can hear things that Splinter (who has great hearing) can't. In "The Kraang Conspiracy," it is revealed that she can emit a telepathic signal (that incapacitates all of the enemies around herself) when she is under severe pressure. In this episode, it is also revealed that she is, in fact, a half human, half alien mutant, which partially explains her inherent psychic powers. This has also allowed her to be immune to mutagen and Kraang Water. April is, thus far, an amateur ninja, but she seems to be relatively competent with a Tessen in combat, but she still has yet to broaden her skill-range.


April O'Neil. (Canon) Red-ha10

April appears as a young-looking shy 16-year-old. She has ginger hair that appears to be tied up into a small ponytail and right-sided curved bangs. She also has a yellow headband. April wears an elbow-length black shirt with a yellow and white sport shirt with the number "5" over it, blue denim shorts, black leggings, brown bandages/bracelets around her wrists, white high socks with two blue stripes on them and black low-heeled boots. Though you may not notice it, April has a clip on her right back pocket of her shorts. The clip is colored gold and has a little ball with a heart. There also appears to be keys that are assumed to be house keys. April is very slim and has blue eyes with long lashes and freckles.

Some Trivia:

[b]A Hamato Clan Tessen
April's name comes from the Latin "aprīlis", meaning "of the month of the goddess, Venus". April's surname, O'Neil, is of Irish origin; derived from Irish Gaelic, it means "descendant of Niall". Her surname implies that April has family roots in Ireland, making her ethnicity/nationality Irish-American.
April is called "April-chan" by Mr. Murakami, who she likewise addresses as "Murakami-san".
In Japanese, April's name would be 四月 (しがつ, shigatsu), meaning "the 4th Moon"; (moon = month and April is the 4th month) or 卯月 (うづき, uzuki), meaning "Moon of the Rabbit". In Katakana, April's name is spelt: アプリル (Apuriru).
​As of the events of "Baxter's Gambit", April is now armed with a Tessen, (lit. a "Iron Fan", better known as a Japanese war fan), a weapon that Splinter had one day hoped to give to his daughter, Miwa, who April reminds him of. April will now be focusing her fighting style around the real-life Japanese martial art of Tessenjutsu. The Tessen has a sharp edge when spread open, and can also be used as a throwing weapon.
April O'Neil
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